Hestia by Corporate Rentals USA: The New Standard in Single Family Housing and Extended Stays

Published on Thursday, June 27th, 2024 by Vivian Yip

Austin, TX – Hestia by Corporate Rentals USA, the trusted brand in mid-term rentals, is revolutionizing the single-family home rental market by bringing it up to the standards of long-established corporate housing. With a curated portfolio of premium properties, Hestia is setting a new benchmark for quality and comfort in the extended stay furnished housing space.

At Hestia, quality is non-negotiable. Each home in our portfolio undergoes a meticulous four-hour in-person inspection before being certified, ensuring that our properties meet the highest standards akin to those found in corporate housing. Our homes are not just places to stay; they are thoughtfully designed living spaces equipped with standardized amenities such as kitchenware, fenced yards, in-home laundry, high-speed internet, and dedicated workspaces.

“Hestia is committed to providing a home away from home for our guests,” said Vivian Yip, Founder. “Whether it’s families displaced by insurance claims or corporate travelers needing a comfortable and efficient workspace, our homes cater to a variety of needs with the reliability and quality that Hestia promises.”

Hestia’s properties are more than just rentals; they are sanctuaries that offer peace of mind during transitions. Our guests can count on a seamless experience, knowing that each home has been vetted for excellence and is ready to welcome them with open arms.

Hestia, a brand by Corporate Rentals USA LLC headquartered in Austin, TX, is the brainchild of founder and CEO Vivian Yip. Drawing inspiration from Hestia, the Greek goddess of hospitality, hearth, and home, the company embodies these values in every aspect of its service. With more than 200 Hestia homes across the nation, we are dedicated to providing premium furnished rentals that feel like home.

Look for the Hestia certification, the mark of excellence next time you are searching for furnished housing in the single-family home space, whether on Zillow, Airbnb, Furnished Finder or CorporateRentalsUSA.com. Join us in experiencing the Hestia difference – where mid-term rentals meet unmatched quality and comfort.

Discover your next home away from home with Hestia. Visit CorporateRentalsUSA.com to explore our portfolio, learn more about our rigorous inspection process, and book your stay today. For inquiries or personalized assistance, contact us at 512-643-5269 or hello@CorporateRentalsUSA.com for the latest updates and special offers.

About Hestia by Corporate Rentals USA

Hestia by Corporate Rentals USA is a premier provider of mid-term rentals, offering a curated portfolio of single-family homes that meet rigorous quality standards. With a focus on comfort and convenience, Hestia serves insurance-displaced families and corporate travelers, setting a new standard in the furnished rental market. Hestia is a brand by Corporate Rentals USA LLC, headquartered in Austin, TX, and led by founder and CEO Vivian Yip.