CHPA Fights for Members in Alabama

Posted by: Mary Ann Passi, CAE on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 at 12:00:00 am

Draft legislation:

Alabama legislators are proposing modifications to existing state law that would change the definition of ‘transient’ to any stay of 180 days or less (SB241). Transient stays would now be subject to a new state lodging tax of either 4-5%, over and above local municipality taxes. This could mean a potential total of 11 – 12% tax rate for members operating in Alabama.

Contacted by a member for help in addressing potential legislative changes, CHPA quickly responded with:

  • Communication to Members: The Association team coordinated a telephone briefing with the lobbyist to inform and alert members in Alabama on the proposed changes.
  • Contracted Experts: The Association hired RT Crowe & Associates, LLC to represent members as an industry instead of individual companies.
  • Coalition of Industries: CHPA’s lobbyist led a coalition of related industry associations with similar concerns and strengthened the approach to legislators. Rallying support from the Alabama Realtors Association, the Alabama Apartment Owners Association, and the Alabama Home Builders, the lobbyist drafted substitute language to put before the Alabama Department of Revenue and is being considered today.

Harness the power of your CHPA membership! If you receive notification of proposed legislation that could negatively impact your business, contact CHPA to see if they can help and take advantage of the strength of your membership.

If you operate or partner with a member in Alabama and want more information, please contact the CHPA Office.

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