Extended Medical Stays: 3 Ways Corporate Housing Providers Can Best Serve Patients and Their Families

Posted by: Hunter McMillian, Furnished Quarters on Monday, March 13, 2017 at 7:00:00 am

From job assignments to extended vacations, relocation to home renovations, there are a number of reasons everyday people seek temporary furnished housing. Perhaps less commonly thought of however, is the frequency with which corporate housing providers accommodate those with extended medical stays. Whether it’s ongoing treatment at a specific hospital or a surgery with a long recovery time, all guests with such needs should be engaged with greater sensitivity and flexibility in mind. Here are a few ways this can be accomplished:

  1. Flexibility in Arrivals and Departures

    As there is a 30-day standard for a guest providing their notice to vacate in the industry, consider shortening the requirement. Willingness to adjust this rule when there are extenuating circumstances due the patients’ medical condition will make a favorable impression and show care and understanding.
  1. Patient-friendly Residences

    Are your apartments adequately prepared to service various healthcare needs? When helping the guest(s) choose the most suitable accommodations in your inventory, consider more spacious units that will alleviate navigating with a walker and/or wheelchair. Full size, equipped kitchens and modern electronics can also create a homier environment.

    Also of significance, where are your locations in relation to the hospital or rehabilitation center? If your corporate apartments are across the street or within a few minutes of the location, the convenience will ease one aspect of the guests’ and/or their families’ extended stay.
  1. Building Personal Relationships

    Get to know the hospitals in your markets and your frequent hospital guests. Discover your guests’ likes and dislikes, personal preferences and background. Sensitivity is key given the variety of delicate reasons your guests may be visiting for an extended medical stay. When possible, satisfy requests that will provide added comfort and ensure their stay with your corporate housing company is positive. Additionally, establish relationships with nearby hospitals and other medical institutions so that both parties can offer a seamless experience for the patient.


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