As CHPA becomes aware of common questions, we will provide as much guidance as we can here. 

When will exhibit booths and sponsorships be available for purchase?

Booths and sponsorship are now open to all.

When does registration for the 2020 Annual Conference open?

Registration will open at the end of September.

How were conference sessions chosen?

CHPA solicited a call for programs for 2020 Annual Conference sessions. These sessions were then peer-reviewed and scored on industry relevancy, presenter strength, format and overall member interest.

How is CHPA managing the response to COVID-19 (coronavirus)?

CHPA is monitoring the situation by continuing to review both the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization reports.

ALERT! Outside Room Reservation Contact Issues
No one should contact you regarding room reservations. CHPA does not provide an attendee list to the host hotel and does not work with a third party company to handle reservations. You should never receive a direct solicitation from anyone asking you to make or change a hotel reservation. The most secure way to book your room is through the hotel's secure reservations website above. Should you receive a phone call asking you to book a room for this event, do not provide sensitive information to these callers. If you have provided financial information to anyone who has offered to book hotel rooms on your behalf, you should contact your financial institution immediately and dispute the charges. Should you receive any of these requests, please inform CHPA staff at info@chpaonline.org