July 9, 2020

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We know how important connections are to you and your company’s success. CHPA is moving our Network Connections online. Join us to discuss important topics with your peers about how to manage daily and unique situations during the pandemic and beyond. Seats are limited (25 per session) and open to member-company employees only. Login below to get access to the tickets. Don't have an account set up with us? Email us here and we'll get you approved! See you online! 

Session Time
  • 1:00pm - 2:00pm ET





Thank you to our sponsor for this Virtual Network Connection, the Small Staff Special Focus Group.

The Small Staff SFG provides CHPA member companies who operate with a small staff that often manages all components of the business operations an opportunity to discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions, share resources and best practices and tell success stories. If you'd like to join the Small Staff Special Focus Group, email us at info@chpaonline.org and we'll add you to this lively group. 

About the discussion 

Small Staff Challenges & Opportunities

An opportunity to connect with other providers with small teams to discuss how everyone is adjusting their sales and marketing strategies and activities in order to survive and even grow during these challenging times.  What industry sectors are still booking and how are you reaching them?  How are you adjusting your marketing techniques to stay in front of existing clients and prospects?  What "out of the box" ideas are paying off for your company?  


Nick Estrada
Phone: 317.328.4631
Email: nestrada@chpaonline.org

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