Alert: Misrepresentation and Deception of CHPA Name

CHPA takes its mission to help members succeed seriously. One way we protect your business interests is by monitoring the usage of CHPA’s name and alerting members when we are made aware of misrepresentations. Below you will find more information on issues we’ve been made aware of. If you encounter anyone using CHPA’s name in solicitations, please let us know by contacting so we can alert members.

ALERT: Virus being sent under CHPA name
JANUARY 23, 2018 - Emails have been brought to our attention that contain suspicious attachments. These attachments are a virus and these communications are not coming from CHPA, but an outside source misrepresenting our name. If you receive any of these messages you should disregard them and do NOT open the attachments. If you have already opened, please inform your IT department immediately, and block any emails coming from


ALERT: Misrepresentation of CHPA name in solicitations regarding membership/attendee lists
JANUARY 17, 2018-- Emails have been brought to our attention offering CHPA exhibitors and members the opportunity to purchase attendee lists for conference next month. Please disregard these messages as they are not official communications. CHPA will never contact you to sell a list. If you encounter anyone using CHPA’s name in solicitations, please let us know by contacting so we can alert members.


Alert: Misrepresentation and Deception of CHPA Name/Logo on Craigslist
OCTOBER 30, 2017--Over the past few weeks, CHPA has received multiple notices regarding someone reaching out to individuals, apartment owners and corporate relocation professionals on Craigslist and other listing sites representing himself as CHPA. This individual uses multiple names, various email accounts that include the letters CHPA, says he is with CHPA, uses the logo, and also sometimes includes CHPA’s mailing address as his contact information.

CHPA is doing everything it can to prevent this misrepresentation of its name and likeness, including pursuing legal action, so that our valued industry partners and clients can safeguard themselves against fraud. In the meantime, we encourage you to approach any such solicitation cautiously.

Should you receive an inquiry from anyone who says they are with the Corporate Housing Providers Association, please contact CHPA CEO Mary Ann Passi at so that appropriate action can be taken.

Official communications from CHPA team members are always sent from e-mail addresses ending with, or from our e-newsletter provider, Multibriefs/Multiview. If you have questions regarding the authenticity of a communication from CHPA, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Thank you for your ongoing support of CHPA and for helping us ensure the CHPA name and likeness are well-represented throughout the industry.