Published Tuesday, March 17, 2020 by Jeana Giordano

ReloQuest Inc. joined over 300 industry leaders and award winners from around the world on Thursday, March, 12th 2020, at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel Kensington, London, for the global 2020 Serviced Apartment Awards. 

The Judging criteria included evidence of innovation and achievement, including measurements/benchmarks for success, teamwork/effective and excellent client relations, leadership, effective use of resources, and contribution to the sector. 

This recognition for Best Service Provider is following previous accolades from the Serviced Apartments organization, where ReloQuest was awarded The Best Use of Technology for two consecutive years followed by Best Short-Term Rental Platform award in 2019. 

Would it be beneficial to you to gain access to the largest global marketplace of Verified Suppliers? You can with ReloQuest. The solution has transformed the competitive landscape for temporary housing by giving suppliers equal visibility and facilitating global reach to corporate housing, hotels, and serviced apartments in most cities around the world. ReloQuest represents a network of Verified Suppliers in 92+ countries, including North AmericaSouth AmericaEuropeAsia, and Africa. 

Employees are an organization's most precious resource, and ReloQuest technology is designed to meet employees' needs, as well as our clients. Among many automated processes and workflow features on the multi-award-winning ReloQuest platform is the new B2E-mobile experience-Direct Connect, created for employees to support teamwork, compliance, and accuracy. 

ReloQuest provides a complete mobile experience with B2E (employee) Direct Connect, and the new Service Tracker. ℠ This feature documents all aspects of service delivery every step of the way to resolve and report service issues. Employees can directly communicate with suppliers and receive 24-7 live support from both the Supplier and ReloQuest.

Darin Karp, ReloQuest Founder, and CEO stated, "I want to thank the Serviced Apartment Awards, our Clients and Suppliers for this acknowledgment. The ReloQuest team is honored to be recognized for our commitment to our suppliers, clients, and their employees' success. Our product and client services teams listen to our customers. ReloQuest engineers work hand in hand with industry leaders to develop features to fulfill and build upon our vision of changing industry inefficiencies while creating a resource that supports both the human experience and corporate growth."

Many ReloQuest clients require our platform to integrate with their existing enterprise platforms. ReloQuest features APIs and SSO mechanisms through industry standards such as SAML. These features and many others allow ReloQuest to smoothly integrate with existing platforms and resolve obstacles related to accurate information flow between ReloQuest and our customer's platforms.

Taking an already streamlined user experience to the next level, ReloQuest introduces Service Tracker, a feature within Direct Connect workflow provides Travelers with the option to create a Service Resolution. Notification will go directly to the temporary housing supplier, and ReloQuest Support-all parties are notified. Service Tracker will report any issues employees/travelers may be having with their accommodations and communicate resolution status back to them.

ReloQuest technology is a resource for people, and this is taken into consideration in software development. Direct communication between all users adds a human element to the solution, supporting the continuity of workflow no matter the global location of the team members and suppliers. Employees can be involved with their relocation and enjoy input as they self-service reservations while remaining compliant. 

ReloQuest technology simplifies the process of sourcing temporary global accommodations while supplying: rapid implementation, ease of use, genuine transparency, substantial cost reduction, plus reported 80% increases in efficiency. The human-centric system sends notifications of the next steps. The innovative dashboard reports pending actions in real-time, displays reference points, and actionable items.

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About ReloQuest
ReloQuest is a business solution that allows companies and employees to search, compare, and book corporate apartments and hotels around the world. As a multi-award-winning platform, ReloQuest provides forecasting data, metrics, and actionable insight to source better options and minimize organizational risk.