Published Monday, June 11, 2018 9:15 am by Jeana Giordano

Lorna Bosco, an accomplished leader in Global Mobility, has been promoted to Executive Vice President of Client Services at ReloQuest Inc. In her new role, Lorna will be charged with expanding and developing the global Client Service team, product trainers, serving as the consulting arm for clients while continuing to secure new business by supporting the sales team, as a product expert.

Lorna joined ReloQuest in 2015 from a role as Vice President, Business Development where she expanded the business over three years of continuous revenue growth. Having most recently served as Senior Vice President of Client Service for ReloQuest Inc. Lorna was extremely successful consulting with clients on cost savings and supply chain. Her proven track record of creating sustainable value for ReloQuest clients and suppliers; as well as delivering strong results in developing leaders has been instrumental for both clients' and ReloQuest's growth.

ReloQuest has built an incredible reputation on key service metrics and being able to facilitate deliverables. Lorna has listened to our clients' needs since inception and has earned their trust. Lorna will remain a major point of contact between our clients' needs and our team strategy by participating in new feature roadmaps.

"Lorna consistently delivers results with a focus on our client's operational excellence in sourcing corporate accommodations," said Darin Karp, Founder, and CEO of ReloQuest Inc. "Lorna's contributions are vast and have been invaluable. She exemplifies many of ReloQuest's ideals. Her innovative thinking, customer-centric service and dedication will continue to support ReloQuest's growth. I have tremendous trust and confidence in Lorna. Her ability to align operational practices that drive client and supplier success is second to none. I'm looking forward to her leveraging her extensive experience and years of leadership in her new role as Executive Vice President of Client Services to direct a global Client Service team. She will work with ReloQuest clients while integrating her team, spearheading exceptional client service and revenue growth for our suppliers, clients, and ReloQuest."

Through ongoing dedication, Lorna was instrumental in ReloQuest Inc. receiving the Partners in Excellence Award from Relocation America International. Brad Hamelin, CRP, GMS, Director of Operations and Supply Chain for Relocation America International stated, "ReloQuest has fully delivered on its promise to lower costs, increase efficiency, and drive higher levels of transferee service."

Lorna will continue to play a critical role during a time of rapid expansion for ReloQuest. Praised for being a pleasure to work with. Known for both her sunny disposition and "get it done" work ethic, she is appreciated by her clients and respected by her team. Lorna's diligence and exceptional client service were factors in ReloQuest winning a Partnership award from Lexicon Relocation.  

"Lorna is a fantastic ambassador for ReloQuest. Since the inception she has gone above and beyond in assisting our teams to maximize the benefits of the system. Her assistance in sharing the capabilities of the system for our data mining has always been done in a cooperative, proactive manner. We appreciate being able to work with her, and her flexibility, partnership, and friendly approach," stated Craig Donovan, Senior Vice President, Global Network Integration, Lexicon.

Many partnership awards confirm Lorna's success; such as the Plus Relocation Innovation Award which recognizes ReloQuest as a supplier partner that has taken an idea and turned it into a solution that meets the needs of Plus and its clients. Lorna helps ReloQuest clients to work smarter via the business solutions actionable insight which has proven productive for ReloQuest users.

Lorna Bosco stated, "This is an interesting and exciting time in the relocation industry as technology contributes to the evolution of Mobility in support of business priorities. ReloQuest plans to continue leading the path as the first business solution of its kind providing additional services and partnering to ensure we are meeting client's and their supply chain needs. Working with our clients has been a pleasure. I look forward to leading and growing a dedicated service team, which will allow us to maintain our award-winning service as we continue to grow as a company."

About ReloQuest:
ReloQuest is a business solution that allows companies and employees to search, compare, and book corporate apartments and hotels around the world. As a multi-award-winning platform, ReloQuest provides forecasting data, metrics and actionable insight to source better options and minimize corporate risk.