Casa Suarez, offering a collection of bohemian-chic exotic wood furniture, officially opens its doors in the heart of St Henri, Montreal

Published Friday, July 14, 2017 12:30 pm by Virginie Dore-Lemonde

Montreal,  10  July  2017  -  This  summer,  fans  of  architecture  and  interior  design  will  be  thrilled  by  the  official opening of ​Casa Suarez​, on July 17th 2017, marking the city’s first boutique belonging to ​Corporate Stays  in  North  America.  Located  at  4820  Acorn  Street  in  Montreal, Casa Suarez  offers  decor  to  complement  all  tastes,  and  furniture  that  combines  a  love  for  wood,  leather,  and  steel:  materials  that retain their elegance  and  integrity  long  after  their  initial  purchase.  President  and  Founder,  Vladimir  de  Suarez,  has  set  out  to  bring  in  the  best furniture pieces  from  around  the  globe,  and  make  them  both accessible and affordable. Mission Accomplished! 


The Casa Suarez difference: quality and guarantee
“When choosing home furnishings, real, quality, wood makes an immense difference in the look, feel, and structural  integrity  of  each  piece,”  Vladimir  de  Suarez  underscored.  Natural  wood  complements  both  classic and modern design themes, lending a certain refinement as well as a bohemian touch. The craftsmanship  of  talented  artisans  is  showcased  alongside  the  particular  characteristics  of  the  natural  wood, infused with unique details tying these pieces back to the countries in which these items were handcrafted. Whether originating from Indonesia, India, South America, or North Africa, each piece from Casa Suarez will meet the same high standards of quality. This is demonstrated by a one year guarantee on each and every piece of furniture. What a magnificent opportunity to fill one’s space with items from across the world!

The Corporate Stays family welcomes the public.
In  the  beginning,  Casa Suarez was designed to supply Corporate Stays with reliable, quality furnishings  for their luxury apartments, Taking one step further, Casa Suarez is opening its doors to the public, providing individuals the opportunity to own these quality items for themselves. With a continued focus on corporate social responsibility, Casa Suarez has been able to work towards reducing its environmental footprint  while  simultaneously  offering  their  clientele  unique  and  handcrafted furnishings at affordable  prices. Corporate Stays is designed to change and enhance the business travel experience. Casa Suarez continues this mission by making it easy to bring a little piece of the world back home.

From Panama City to Montreal
Vladimir  de  Suarez  opened  Casa  Suarez  online  in  2016,  with  a  store  in  Panama  City  opening  after  in  October 2016. From the online debut of Casa Suarez, Vladimir De Suarez has remained fascinated with the concept of bringing home a little piece of the world without needing to travel. For more information, please visit the Casa Suarez website at ​