Published Tuesday, February 12, 2019 1:00 pm by Jessica Gillingham

Over the course of my working week, I have many conversations with businesses operating in the short-term rental industry about public relations. We discuss what they are looking for PR to achieve, the business challenges they would like PR to help solve, and the opportunities that they would like their PR programs to support.

No matter what the type or size of business, the three main objectives that any business is really looking for PR to help solve or enhance, always falls under three main objectives. No matter what the unique issues, products or services are, all businesses are looking for PR to achieve these three objectives.

  • Creating Trust
  • Supporting SEO
  • Developing Thought Leadership

PR for creating trust
A good public relations strategy by itself can’t create trust if the business itself is not trustworthy. However, it’s often said that public relations creates the environment in order for sales and marketing to happen. PR can help generate and build trust in a product or service that a potential customer or partner has as yet had any direct experience with.

One of the main aims of PR is to gain positive coverage and messaging in the media and have your business, product or service mentioned by media influencers. We all, including potential customers, tend to believe what others, especially the media, say about a company over what a company says about themselves.

PR is not just an opportunity to share and distribute your news, it is also an opportunity to build relationships, communicate your key messages and otherwise connect with your key audiences in ways that go beyond your own sphere of influence and can can help develop that necessary trust.

PR for supporting SEO
Modern public relations is very much concerned with the digital world. This means that a strategic goal of any PR tactic is to generate online mentions and quality links from trusted media sources. A really good content strategy, and the creation of interesting and shareable content can have a positive impact on reputation and presence. 

Many businesses combine their SEO function with their PR activity. Businesses that do this understand that this partnership can be a very symbiotic relationship with complimentary skills and a PR strategy that focuses on online coverage can have a marked impact on Google ranking and a company’s online visibility.

PR for developing Thought Leadership 
Showcasing the expertise of an organization by developing the Thought Leadership of its senior management team is a key tactic for B2B public relations. Most companies are looking to develop their public-facing expertise strategically as a way of gaining a competitive edge.

Thought Leadership is all about having the answers to the fundamental questions that are of concern to your buyers as well having the ability to include your own unique perspective on hot topics that are relevant in the industry. Developing a Thought Leadership strategy takes time and consistent effort, but the results can really pay off.

I shall be doing a webinar with CHPA on March 26th 2019 on how to develop a PR strategy for corporate housing providers. CHPA members can register for free here.

About Jessica Gillingham
Jessica is the director & owner of Abode PR, a boutique public relations agency partnering with clients operating in the international short-term rental space.

As specialists, we use our unique expertise to support our clients to develop their reputation and reach new audiences through traditional media relations, content marketing, thought leadership development and digital PR.