Published Thursday, November 15, 2018 8:00 am by Heather James

Nomad Temporary Housing is pleased to announce that it has earned the 2018 NEI Own It! award in the Temporary Living division.  The NEI Own It! award recognizes the Service Partners who best exemplify the NEI business approach.

"'Own it" is a global concept for NEI employees and for our extended family of Service Partners," said Michelle Moore, NEI Chief Global Mobility Officer. "It is very important to us to see Service Partners who truly embrace The NEI Way and our culture of providing Service Exceeding Expectations."

In addition, Nomad was honored with the 2018 NEI Service Exceeding Expectations award. "The goals of our awards program are to recognize and thank those service partners who are truly committed to delivering on NEI's mission of providing Service Exceeding Expectations to our clients' relocating families," said Al Blumenberg, NEI SVP of Global Client Development and Service Partner Relations. 

This is the 26th and 27th industry award Nomad has received in the last four years. "Nomad is honored to be the world's leader in temporary apartment service delivery," said Gavan James, Nomad's CEO and President.  "We could not do this without the incredible work of our Nomad staff around the world, and our fine certified housing partners."

About Nomad:  Employing a unique model of technology and personalized customer care that utilizes our industry-leading Nomad Direct sourcing platform to access more than 950 vetted partners worldwide, Nomad offers a single point of contact and full management of a client's worldwide housing needs. Nomad utilizes its vast array of partners to offer thousands of apartments and suite hotel rooms to clients in the locations they need, with the selection of choice they demand. Our top clients report Nomad's service delivery is a step above any other global serviced accommodation brand.

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About NEI:  NEI Global Relocation partners with over 190 clients, including 47 Fortune 1,000 companies, to deliver dynamic, world-class, global relocation and assignment management solutions.