Outsource your Sales Needs with Trained Sales Professionals Working for You

Published Tuesday, January 22, 2019 11:00 am by Terrance Mann

In the years since Revalant’s (www.revalantco.com) launch in 2015 they have catered to the needs of various clients with care and attention to detail, stemming from their unique perspective within the corporate housing industry. One of their most successful and effective offerings has been their Project Management and Recruitment Services. However, with the launch of the new Global Remote Sales Professional service, they aim to deliver their new offering for the immediate client demand for qualified sales opportunities.

In today’s working climate the process of recruiting a full-time salesperson is timely, challenging, and expensive. The job needs to be posted, potential candidates need to be screened, interviewed and processed, all before the final employee is chosen. The chosen employee still needs onboarding and training before they can be put into the marketplace to sell the product or service. “The average return on investment for this process of hiring a salesperson only arrives nine to 18 months later” says James Higgins, Senior Partner and Founder of Revalant. “It is clear that companies are in need of something more efficient and immediate to fill the productivity gap when they don’t have a salesperson in place or enough qualified leads. With over 25,000 companies and 200,000+ contacts in our database, our service provides an instant sales professional who is experienced and ready to begin work immediately. This is where Revalant delivers”.

With the launch of Global Remote Sales Professional, Revalant proves their understanding of the industry. Companies in need of temporary sales professionals can acquire them more efficiently, bypassing the lengthy process of hiring and onboarding, or on demand during times of high vacancy or the launch of a new property. This service is revolutionary for the corporate housing industry, and a highlight of the service is its affordability. The cost of a single salesperson is intensive; it requires a full-time salary, benefits and commission as well as the support of human resources, IT, and operations. Revalant can offer clients a highly affordable and cost-effective alternative with a custom program. After a year of beta testing the service in various markets, Revalant has helped clients increase brand awareness, created new interest and demand, generated new qualified sales leads, collected new contacts, and increased margins through a higher value customer base.

Upon consultation with a prospective client for this groundbreaking new service, Revalant will customize a proposal which is tailor made to the needs and budget of each customer. “Each client is seeking something different” states Mr. Higgins “with a simple customized plan, Global Remote Sales Professional ensures that the service remains affordable while fulfilling the requests of individual clients”. The proposal process includes the targeting of high value Fortune 5000 companies, local market business, supply-chain lead generation, and targeted prospecting within various markets and industries.

Revalant believes that this innovative new program will mesh seamlessly with their other services that include: Temporary executive leadership, recruiting, project management, software implementation, and general sales/marketing services. Revalant will formally launch Global Remote Sales Professional at this year’s CHPA conference in February.

About Revalant: Revalant is CHPA’s only consulting and recruiting member. These award-winning executives and managing partners have over 30 years’ experience in hospitality and serviced apartments, Revalant provides an expertise in developing sales organizations selling into the Fortune 1000, Global 500, vertical market expansion, and strategic small-, mid-, and large-market accounts. Members of the Revalant team are experts in the area of millennial workforce integration, IT systems implementation, operational excellence, business development, lead generation and strategic sales management. Revalant aims to assist small to mid-sized businesses that are looking to improve various aspects within their company. Revalant tailors their approach to each company’s specific needs by isolating key areas for improvement and creating a strategic plan to address and improve these aspects. The creation of a strategic plan is just the first step in the process Revalant undertakes to carefully implement the strategy into the framework of the company in order to ensure that changes are made effectively and efficiently. For more information, visit www.revalantco.com or connect with the company via email at james@revalantco.com