Published Thursday, November 14, 2019 8:45 am by Heather James

Innovation becomes increasingly essential in a world that continues to expand its complexity. Businesses must improvise, be more alert, and seek alternative solutions proactively. 

"That is what we feel Nomad Temporary Housing has done with its new sourcing platform that uses technology to decrease the response time with a simplified, consistent, and planned approach to aggregate temporary housing information for customers," said Al Blumenberg, NEI SVP, Global Client Development and Service Partner Relations.  "NEI Global Relocation created its Innovation Award to recognize service partners who are making significant strides within their businesses and take a segment of the relocation industry to a new level." 

Gavan and Heather James were at the NEI Global Partner Alliance Summit to accept the inaugural award on behalf of Nomad.  "Innovators recognize where the industry is, and more importantly, where it's going," said NEI President and CEO, Randy Wilson.  "They identify a need and forge full speed ahead to embrace the change that is coming.  That commitment deserves to be recognized and inspires others to move forward in our quickly changing world."

Nomad has been recognized with over thirty #1 industry rankings, trade organization company of the year awards, and major client service awards in the last five years.

About Nomad:  Nomad employs a unique model of technology and personalized customer care that provides a 100% unbiased sourcing platform of more than 1,000 vetted partners on a worldwide basis.  Not a broker, Nomad manages the stay from start to finish, with a single point of contact for clients and guests.  Nomad utilizes its vast array of partners to offer thousands of apartments and suite hotel rooms to clients in the locations they need, with the selection of choice they demand. 

For more information, please contact Heather James at or 619.313.4300.