Published Tuesday, February 4, 2020 by Erin Barbossa

Enhanced Corporate Housing, LLC. is proud to announce its official arrival in Detroit.  This luxury furnished apartment firm is yet another sign that Detroit is in the midst of a revival. 

Rated as one of the top 10 cities for economic growth potential, there is a greater need for a wider array of housing for businesses expanding their footprint in Detroit. 

Enhanced Corporate Housing CEO, Greg Reitz, has spent his career with the big national players in corporate housing. First, at Oakwood and most recently at Blvd Suites. His experience pointed him in the direction of a company dedicated to focusing on the luxury pocket of the furnished corporate housing market.  “I know there is a unique need in the market that wasn’t being addressed in Detroit.  We have more and more tech and auto executives coming in from the Valley and overseas expecting a high-end living experience,” says Greg, “We can give them options above and beyond the typical furnished apartment.”

Enhanced Corporate housing is curating an inventory that caters to the needs of corporate global mobility programs, professional sports teams, and talent agencies. As Detroit continues to evolve and elevate, Enhanced Corporate Housing is proud to be able to offer high-end options for furnished short-term housing.   Greg confirms, “We are expanding our inventory and will continue to keep our focus on c-suite and executive level needs.”

You can go to to learn more about Enhanced Corporate Housing.

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Erin Barbossa, VP of Brand Development