Published Friday, February 7, 2020 by James E. Higgins

Success, designed through listening, planning, training, and measuring.

Revalant, the premier consulting and recruiting company for the corporate housing industry and a proud member of CHPA, has announced the launch of Generational Sales Training (GST) and Leadership Therapy; designed specifically for the corporate housing industry.

Generational Sales Training and Leadership Therapy is based on simple principles:

  • Specific to your company and industry
  • Listen to individual needs and key observations
  • Identify specific obstacles that prevent success
  • Ask questions of meaning for clarity
  • Design a simple plan to implement and measure success

Today, local and regional providers are struggling to win new clients that once came directly to them for needs and service. Over the past several years, customers and providers have relied heavily on platforms, supply-chain and relocation companies. Although this strategy has filled units, these changes have reduced direct sales, overall margin and the ability to establish a strong relationship with the client.

“We have been in the midst of a massive paradigm shift within our industry for the past several years,” said James Higgins, Senior Partner at Revalant Consulting and Recruiting. “Our industry is under attack from disruptors, technology, overall-costs, local governments and buying behaviors, just to name a few. Providers must go back to basics and win new clients, build direct relationships with customers and continue to promote service excellence in order to grow.”

Generational Sales Training is an affordable program designed to work with one salesperson or an entire sales team, to identify the specific obstacles preventing sales success and create a “back to basics” approach to selling. “We know that in some cases, the cost of sales is outpacing profitability. Salespeople are becoming too expensive and it often takes too long to see the return on investment,” says Dennis Napoliello, Managing Partner at Revalant. “Our comprehensive approach allows us to assist in the hiring, on-boarding, training, sales support and long-term growth of our client’s sales success strategy.”

Revalant has expanded this service to Leadership Therapy. “Everyone is either in therapy or in need of it,” said Mr. Higgins. “We work with leaders and owners as executive coaches and assist them in their specific business issues and provide a collaborative approach to a next steps strategy.”

About Revalant

Led by an award-winning executive team with over 30 years’ experience in hospitality and serviced apartments, Revalant provides an expertise in developing sales organizations selling into the Fortune 1000, Global 500, vertical market expansion, and strategic small-, mid-, and large-market accounts. Members of the Revalant team are experts in the area of millennial workforce integration, business development, lead generation and strategic sales management. With exceptional leadership and a unique perspective for developing and driving others to fulfilling their maximum potential. Revalant delivers results on both the strategic and tactical level by providing executive leadership and management, sustainable revenue growth and market expansion. Revalant aims to assist businesses that are looking to improve various aspects within their company. At Revalant, we tailor our approach to your company’s specific needs by isolating key areas for development and creating a strategic plan to address and improve upon your business. The creation of the strategic plan is just the first step in the process Revalant undertakes to carefully implement the strategy into the framework of the company in order to ensure that changes are made effectively and efficiently. These strategies are curated precisely for each company and are modified along the way to ensure that your goals are being satisfied.

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