CHPA Membership Application

Thank you for joining the Corporate Housing Providers Association! Below are the membership categories.  Please review them carefully.

  • Provider Member: Any corporate housing provider is eligible for membership as an active member. A corporate housing provider is any firm, corporation or entity that receives direct compensation for providing corporate housing to non-employees, as defined, and holds a lease with a property or tenant. Corporate housing is defined as a furnished apartment, condominium or other residential dwelling made available for rent or let on a temporary basis, primarily for 30 days or more.
    1 - 2 Offices 3 - 5 Offices 6 - 9 Offices 10 - 19 Offices 20+ Offices
    $1,000 $1,200 $2,100 $2,750 $7,875
  • Associate Member: Any firm or corporation whose business is supplying goods and services to the corporate housing industry. Goods and services include but are not  limited to: furniture rental, linens, appliances, insurance, security services, technology, etc.
    Dues: $1,050


Primary Contact Information

The contact information entered below is for the primary contact for your company. You will be asked to create an individual account later. 

The email address below is the primary email address for your company. Please use an email address that is not associated with an individual. Individuals will be asked to create user accounts and will need to use their personal email addresses when doing so.  The email address for the company account and the individual accounts must be different.

We recommend using email addresses like: or for your company account.

Company Data

The data requested below will be used to support industry efforts. We will supply statistical data to municipalities when combating regulations in cities and states and when sharing data with like minded organizations.

Your company's data will not be shared with the CHPA Board, public entities or other members except in aggregate. Only CHPA staff have access to the database. This means any data shared will not be traceable back to your company.  

You will have access to view your data in your company profile. You will need to login to the CHPA website to view it.

Please see the list below for the region where you are headquartered.

USA - Southwest (AZ|OK|NM|TX)


Directory Information

The information used below will become part of your company directory listing on the CHPA website. This allows other members and the public to search for your business.

You will have access to change the information through the company profile on the CHPA website.

Please provide CHPA with a brief paragraph description of your company. This information will be listed publicly on your membership directory listing on the CHPA website.

Company Profile Login Creation

Please create your company admin account username and password below. Using these credentials, you will be able to login to the website and access your company profile.

Access to the company profile allows you to upload/edit your company logo, enter a company description, pay invoices and edit company data. The company profile is separate from an individual profile.

PLEASE NOTE: CHPA will process your application and this will take up to 2-3 business days. Once your application has been approved, the CHPA team will reach out to you with more information.



Payment Info

Please complete the following payment information.

By applying for membership, your company agrees to the following:

Code of Ethics: Members in good standing of the Corporate Housing Providers Association agree to abide by the Association's Code of Ethics to the best of their ability. You may review the Code of Ethics on the website.

Communications: You and representatives of your company agree to receive communications from CHPA regarding membership, promotional opportunities, events, programs, services and other items as it relates to CHPA membership.