Navigating the Noise

A podcast series by CHPA and ASAP

The corporate housing industry is evolving. The rise of the sharing economy has impacted all of our businesses, with no signs of slowing down. With this rapid pace of change, how can you keep up? And how can you ensure your company is prepared for what happens today, tomorrow, and ten years from now?

CHPA and the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) have partnered with professional futurist Brian David Johnson to address these challenges facing members and the industry. Learn more about Brian David Johnson.

Brian David examines today’s world trends and issues, providing insight into what might be in the next five, ten and even fifteen years. Talking to thought leaders around the globe, including corporate housing providers, relocation professionals, business leaders, economists, researchers and others, Brian David presents what’s happening in the industry today, and what this means for all of us in the future. Learn more about the Navigating the Noise podcast. 

Download Our White Papers

Upon completion of Brian David's first year of research on the corporate housing/serviced apartment industry, he has released a white paper of his findings and what they mean to our industry. 

Download the Future of Corporate Housing White Paper



As a follow-up to Brian David's ongoing research, he has released a new white paper focusing on the five industry trends explored in Navigating the Noise Season 2. 

Download Navigating the Noise: Going Global White Paper


Navigating the Noise Podcast Series: Listen Now 

What is Navigating the Noise?  This new podcast series from CHPA and futurist Brian David Johnson presents a look at the future of our industry and actionable steps you can take to navigate these changes. New episodes are released monthly.



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