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To find a CHPA member company, use the search fields on the right.

  • Company Name: If you know the name of the company you are searching for, find them in the drop-down menu. Displayed on their company profile will be contact information as well as any employees listed within their employee directory. 

  • Provider Service Areas: This is a list of over 500+ city and MSA locations in the US & Canada as well as country listings for many parts of the globe. Please note these are alphabetical by state/province first and then the city/MSA within the parenthesis. If you do not see a location listed, it is likely we do not have a member who currently services that location. Note: This field is maintained by member companies; as regions often change, please reach out to the provider to verify they still service that area.

  • City, State/Province & Country: These searches utilize the primary address of the member company. Use these searches if you're looking to do business with a company that is based or headquartered in a specific location. 

If you are a provider and would like to update any of this information, please sign in. For assistance, please contact us at

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