Canadian Managing Director

Canadian Advisory Group - Managing Director

Terry Rodgers, CCHP
HighStreet Accommodations, Ltd.

CHPA would like to thank Terry Rodgers, CCHP of HighStreet Accommodations Ltd. and congratulate her as she continues her role as Canadian Advisory Group's Managing Director. Please take a moment to learn more about Terry below.

Terry owned and/or managed several different retail businesses before she started her first corporate housing company. In the early 1980s, she was the General Sales Manager for GranTree Furniture Rental in Vancouver; when Vancouver won the bid to host Expo ’86, Terry’s employer wasn’t interested in the idea of corporate housing, so she branched out on her own in 1985. In the summer of 1984, GranTree told her that she was not to pursue any Expo ’86 business. As a result, Terry and a partner incorporated Executive Accommodations in early 1985 and began setting up furnished rentals for a number of clients, including the contractors and engineering companies that built the original SkyTrain line. By midsummer in 1985, Terry couldn’t keep up with Executive Accommodations and GranTree, and so resigned from GranTree to pursue the nascent corporate housing industry in Vancouver. By the end of 1985, Executive Accommodations was GranTree’s biggest furniture rental customer in Vancouver.

In that sense, Terry has been involved in the corporate housing industry since 1985. She has seen the industry grow and change in amazing ways over the last 30+ years, and believes that the greatest change has yet to come. Terry believes that the corporate housing industry needs to become what is known as a “self-regulating organization,” similar to others such as the American Automobile Association and the real estate industry. This is not so much a change as it is a shift in direction towards greater, more widespread recognition of corporate housing as an industry. Terry believes the industry should be supporting, developing and publishing industry standards and finding ways to support corporate housing providers in adopting and subscribing to a set of industry standards such as those developed by the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP).

Terry first joined CHPA in 2006-2007. She has always been interested in meeting industry counterparts. She especially wanted to learn more about how corporate housing was developing in other areas because it sometimes seemed difficult to explain internal industry differences among various providers to inquiring parties. She noticed that there seemed to be a number of different business models but not a lot of communication about the differences. She wanted to build stronger relationships across these differences to benefit HighStreet’s ability to deliver great service as a regional provider.

As a result of CHPA membership, Terry has met some of the most innovative movers and shakers in the industry. She notes it has been truly inspirational to get to know so many people and have the opportunity to share ideas and learn best practices from people who have been doing the work to build their businesses and the corporate housing industry. Since joining CHPA, HighStreet has won the following awards:

  • Oakwood Worldwide Accredited Provider of the Year 2008
  • Oakwood Worldwide 2012 Spirit of Partnership Award
  • Oakwood Worldwide Supplier of the Year – Volume 2013
  • Oakwood Worldwide Supplier of the Year – Service 2014