Published Monday, February 6, 2017 4:00 pm by Liz Levy

In an effort to bring hotel-style live booking technology to the corporate housing industry, Apartunity was created. Apartunity consists of 3 booking platforms. ApartunityBridge is a customized software technology that will automatically link any Reservation Management system (RMS) to any Online Travel Agency (OTA). ApartunityBridge has revolutionized the corporate housing “live’ booking process, as you will no longer need to update your inventory manually.   ApartunityBridge checks your database for changes every 10 seconds and automatically updates the OTA’s. You will now have the ability to be a global player in your market by receiving reservations from the major OTA’s 24/7. ApartunityBridge is already partnered with the top global OTAs including,, Expedia, Trip Advisor, AirBNB, CTrip, Agoda, HRS, Travelport, etc... All bookings are placed into your RMS and you receive an email notification of the new booking. In addition, ApartunityBridge provides consumers with direct access to booking your live inventory on YOUR website.  We can provide you with the ability to be proactive and strategic with web campaigns and specials thereby competing more effectively with lower cost websites.  Recently, AirBNB surveyed their customers and asked them what type of accommodations they used before AirBNB. An astounding 19% of AirBNB customers said they used corporate housing before switching to AirBNB. ApartunityBridge will help you get a portion of your business back.

The second platform is, which will launch in June 2017. By using the ApartunityBridge as the link from your RMS, is an unbiased Aggregator website open to ALL corporate housing companies. Here your inventory will be listed and presented to consumers within the customized and unique corporate housing platform. Rather than lose consumer business to other websites, you will be able to compete with them on equal footing with a superior product offering.

ApartunityNOW will launch late summer 2017 and is designed to help reduce any distressed master lease inventory you may be holding. On the APP, consumers will only be able to book live inventory via ApartunityBridge, if they are moving in within the next 7 days. In return for a quick move in, apartments will be offered at a drastically cut rate. You decide if you want to offer any properties and at what price you are willing to do so to get the apartment off of your vacancy rent roll. Consumers will also be able to “make a binding offer” which you will have 24 hours to accept or reject.

The Apartunity technology suite will allow corporate housing companies to have a global reach and compete more aggressively with hotels and other large Apartment websites. Visit us at booth #5 for more information.