Weichert Corporate Housing Unveils New AI-Powered Customer Experience Technology

Published on Friday, May 31st, 2024 by Tim McCarney

MORRIS PLAINS, NJ – Weichert Corporate Housing, a leading provider of temporary accommodations and furnished apartments worldwide, today unveiled a new tech platform designed to enhance customer engagement and streamline communication.

Developed in partnership with hospitality technology experts Dharmatech, this platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to seamlessly integrate emails, text messaging and WhatsApp, enabling Weichert Corporate Housing’s customers to connect with the company like never before, and providing real-time, personalized experiences that drive brand satisfaction.

The platform is powered by AI-driven chatbots that offer instant answers for customer questions, freeing up human agents for more personalized service or allowing them to manage multiple conversations simultaneously.

This will help Weichert Corporate Housing respond to customer inquiries more promptly than ever, while SMS and WhatsApp capabilities will allow customers to communicate easily and flexibly through their mobile devices. Automation capabilities translate to faster response times, streamlined processes and more convenient, personalized experiences—all while reducing client costs.

“While we’re proud of our twenty-year legacy as a leader in trusted, best-in-class corporate housing solutions, our company has transformed dramatically in recent years, with technology enhancing how we service our clients and form relationships with our partners,” said Mark Pooley, Senior Vice President of Weichert Corporate Housing.

“Our collaboration with Dharmatech innovates data, communications, and the power of AI to transform customer relationships. And the resulting solution reflects our dedication to continually adapting our product offering and processes to meet the unique needs of the business travelers we serve. They need tools that align with today’s fast-evolving world of work, and the responsive level of service made possible through our platform ensures that they never lose that momentum,” said Pooley.

“This partnership is a testament to the exciting potential of technology,” said Toivo Halvorsen, CEO of Dharmatech “Through this initiative, Dharmatech has shone a light on the opportunities AI creates, particularly when it comes to elevating the customer experience.”

With a breath of over 80,000 apartments worldwide and a track record of award-winning service experiences, Weichert Corporate Housing strives to differentiate itself with a highly customized level of service beyond the scope of traditional housing providers. Whether empowering clients to expand their global reach, get critical products to market or build their talent pipeline with intern programs, the company remains hyper-focused on ensuring that their mobile employees have access to contemporary, safe, and welcoming spaces that feel like home.

Starting in 2008 with a single studio in Manhattan, Dharma Home Suites rapidly expanded its footprint to key locations including Hoboken and Miami. Transforming into Dharma Hospitality Solutions in 2018, it began providing comprehensive services to other businesses. Amidst 2020’s challenges, Dharma launched Dharmatech, innovating advanced technology tailored for today’s traveler and moving beyond outdated industry systems. Now, as Dharmatech, the company is pioneering new benchmarks for technology and services within the accommodations sector.