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In a time and era when rental relocation was simply not a part of the normal day to day move of a transferee, Apartment & Relocation Center took a look outside the box. The vision was to see rental relocation be a very important part of the relocation process.

This year, Apartment & Relocation Center celebrated 30 years serving the San Antonio and Austin communities.

Apartment & Relocation Center is owned by its President, Marietta Alba. It is a South Central Texas Regional, Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and Woman Business Enterprise. Founded in 1983, the company was originally known as Apartment Center. In 1991, it changed its name to Apartment & Relocation Center to signify the additional work of rental relocation and corporate housing that it was providing its customers and clients.

Apartment & Relocation Center provides a variety of services to help the relocating employee or the local resident of San Antonio or Austin needing rental assistance. Our services include rental assistance of many types. A short or long term lease in an unfurnished apartment or a fully furnished corporate apartment is two major options available. The group of cliental we help in most cases are relocating to San Antonio or Austin. In most cases, they are in a transition phrase of their life needing temporary living arrangements. This transition can include the whole family moving at one time or just the relocating employee. Apartment & Relocation Center rental consultants can best assist the Relocation Specialist with a relocation company work with the transferring employee. Our key point in knowing what best fits the relocating client is listening to their needs. Because we listen closely, we know you may need school district information along with having a crib put in your corporate apartment.

Apartment & Relocation Center is different from its competitors. We want to customize the apartment and do it very quick in order for the guest to more as soon as they need.