“Our involvement in CHPA has been a total game-changer. As a small (less than 300 unit) regional provider, our involvement in CHPA has been instrumental in introducing our brand to North America’s global corporate housing providers and through those partnerships enabled us to become a recognized brand across Canada and the United States.”

Wendy Galati, LivinLocal

“CHPA provides our company the opportunity to expand our reach and connect with other providers internationally. We have developed tons of partnerships with others and really enjoy connecting and networking with others to share ideas and experiences.”

– Janine Low, AvenueWest Global Franchise

If you are a corporate housing company or an industry vendor who supports these companies, then membership in the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) is right for you! Don’t believe us? Ask some of our members about the value membership brings to their companies.

Membership Categories

CHPA offers the following membership types:

  • Provider – A professionally managed business entity that provides/manages residential-style housing primarily in a fashion that establishes a tenancy relationship and oversees the related ancillary services such as duty of care compliance, housekeeping, utilities, bundled billing, invoicing, direct response to service failures, etc. and receives direct compensation for housing non-employees.
  • Agency – A professionally managed business entity that primarily provides access to residential-style housing through an online platform, partnership arrangement or referral basis that typically does not establish a direct tenancy relationship.
  • Associate Partner – A professionally managed business entity whose business is supplying goods and services to the corporate housing/serviced accommodation industries.

If you’re unsure which category you may fall into, give us a call at 317.328.4631 and we’ll be happy to discuss your options with you.

Membership Benefits

Membership in CHPA affords your company and your employees access to sophisticated and practical education, networking across the globe and professional development at your fingertips. CHPA’s mission is to help our members succeed. Your membership provides both your company and employees the ability to do just that. Join today alongside an association promoting professionalism, confidence and success in the corporate housing industry today. Some of the benefits of your membership include:

  • Education & Events
    • Reduced registration rates for our Annual Conference and other in-person events (EDGE Seminars, Forums, Regional Conferences, etc.)
    • Free access to live and recorded webinars on a variety of topics related to the industry
    • Host a Network Connection to broaden your company’s recognition while connecting with leading professionals in the industry
    • Reduced testing fees for your employees on the Certified Corporate Housing Professional (CCHP) designation to highlight your employees’ knowledge and mastery in the industry
    • Access example documents, contracts and manuals in CHPA’s Knowledge Center to help you build your company’s procedures
    • Weekly newsletter highlighting important news in the industry
  • Business Intelligence & Development
    • Access to high-level statistics through CHPA Analytics
    • Connect to over 250+ member companies to grow your supply chain and broaden your reach
    • Member-only distribution of your company success through press releases in eNews and on CHPA’s website
    • Highlight your company’s success through CHPA’s Company Accreditation program to give your clients confidence in your business practices
    • Discounts on quality assessment to give your guests confidence in your product
    • Subscribe to CHPA’s Code of Ethics to set your company above the competition by showcasing your strong business practices
    • Annual awards program to highlight the work your company is doing in the industry
  • Legislative Support & Advocacy
    • CHPA fights to support your business interests and the ability for you to operate in your jurisdictions and municipalities; we’ll communicate, educate and advocate on your behalf if proposed legislation impacts your ability to do so

Membership Fees

CHPA’s dues structure is based on the annual revenue of your company. Provider members have a sliding scale while Associate Partner members have a singular fee level. Below you will find information on the varying tiers of membership.

Provider & Agency  Associate Partner 
Annual Revenue Dues Annual Revenue Dues
Less than $5M $1,000 Any $1,050
$5M – $15M $1,200
$15M – $49M $2,000
$49M – $100M $3,500
$100M – $200M $5,000
$200M+ $7,000


In addition to membership dues, members also are charged an annual legislative dues assessment. For provider and agency members this is based on the annual revenue while associate partner members pay a flat rate. This fee supports the CHPA Legislative Fund which allows CHPA to facilitate the support of member companies globally when they or the industry are impacted by negative legislation.

Provider & Agency  Associate Partner 
Annual Revenue Assessment Annual Revenue Assessment
Less than $5M $250 Any $250
$5M – $15M $500
$15M – $49M $1,000
$49M – $100M $1,875
$100M – $200M $3,750
$200M+ $5,000


Additional Membership Fee Information

  • All membership fees are collected in United States Dollars. International members choosing to pay from their home country currency will pay for fees at the daily rate of exchange.
  • CHPA’s membership cycle runs July 1 – June 30. New member fees are charged in full for the first membership cycle. This is defined as your join day through June 30. The second membership cycle (July 1 – June 30) is prorated based on the month you joined. This prorated amount is billed during the renewal period beginning in May.
  • Legislative dues assessments are not prorated.
  • For United States federal income purposes, your CHPA membership dues are 100% deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense but are not deductible as a charitable contribution. For other countries, please consult legal and tax advice.
  • Paid membership fees are nonrefundable.

Visibility Packages

New beginning this year, CHPA will offer additional visibility packages, Silver Key and Gold Key, to all member companies. If you previously (as an Associate Partner) were a member of the President’s Club, these visibility packages replace that membership level.

Silver Key – $1,000 annually

  • Member company logo will be displayed weekly in the eNews email distributed to CHPA members and employees
  • Advance notification/choice of sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities for annual sponsorships, Annual Conference and Regional Conferences
  • Acknowledgment at all events and on event signage
Gold Key – $2,500 annually

  • All benefits of Silver Key
  • Logo displayed on the CHPA website
  • Logo displayed on the left-side of the CHPA website
  • One-page flyer placed in new member packets
  • Special invitation to the New Member and First-Time Attendee Reception at the Annual Conference
  • Ability to host a short presentation about your company/products at the Annual Conference

If you have questions about membership or whether CHPA is a fit for your company, please contact us at 317.328.4631 or by email at info@chpaonline.org.