CHPA Protects the Industry

CHPA proactively monitors proposed legislation that may impact corporate housing providers. The Association leads member efforts to educate and influence legislators while mobilizing vital resources to address issues of concern.

We encourage you to stay current on legislation and tax issues in your local communities and bring those issues or concerns to the attention of CHPA leadership. Contact us to report a legislative issue.

Introducing the CHPA Legislative Fund

For more than a decade, CHPA has helped protect members’ ability to operate by monitoring and combatting unfair regulations in numerous jurisdictions. As our industry emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, we see signs that these restrictions are again on the rise and will only continue to accelerate.

It’s time to act to protect the industry, and we need all members to come together to do so.

In October 2021, CHPA will launch a legislative fund designed to:

  • Communicate the value of the industry to key stakeholders.
  • Differentiate the industry and educate local communities on its value.
  • Advocate for fair regulations that protect a member’s ability to operate.

CHPA’s Legislative Fund will work to protect our industry from unfair regulations, give corporate housing providers a voice and develop a better regulatory environment for member businesses. The fund will help ensure our industry is represented and our priorities are heard. This fund was originally slated to go into effect in 2020 when it was paused due to the pandemic.

Historically, these issues have been costly for both CHPA and members in markets impacted by legislative threats. Over the past 3 years, CHPA and members have spent more than $340,000 to combat regulations that significantly impeded members’ ability to operate. The burden of costs often falls to members in the impacted markets. CHPA’s spend alone in 2020 was more than $90,000; this is unsustainable for the long-term financial health of the organization and for our members without a significant change.

The initial funding is two-fold: CHPA will contribute $50,000 from the association’s reserves. Additionally, a special dues assessment will be distributed to members in October. We’ve worked hard to ensure that this dues assessment is affordable; starting at just $250, this is less than the cost of a few hours of attorney fees if you were to hire representation for your own company.

To learn about this fund and how it will support member companies, register for the upcoming Town Hall meeting on September 21 at noon ET, where we will gather your feedback as we launch this critically important initiative. We’ve also developed a Frequently Asked Questions document that provides more details, as well as a breakdown of costs based on member type/tier.

Together, we are stronger. Together, we can prevent legislation that severely impedes or completely prohibits corporate housing in markets around the world. We hope you will join us as we develop our strategy to ensure our businesses are protected now and well into the future.