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Thank you for your interest in submitting a CHPA program proposal for consideration.  CHPA continually seeks engaging programs to inspire action, improve efficiencies or provide industry insights for members.

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How to Create a Successful Program Proposal

Follow these steps to increase your chances of having your program accepted.

Topic: Select a current topic of great interest or importance to the industry.

Title: This is your first opportunity to convince participants that attending your program is worthwhile. Focus on crafting a succinct, action-focused title that appeals to what your session offers.

  • Keep your title simple and concise — 8-15 words is ideal.
  • Directly address your target audience’s purpose or problems.
  • Use keywords at the beginning of the title to capture attendees’ attention.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel! Use tried and true formats for attention-getting titles that clearly set expectations. Look at this list of catchy headlines for inspiration.

Intended Audience: Who will get the most out of attending your program?  Focus on offering insights that your audience can use and tailor the proposal to them.

Description: Highlight what participants will get out of the program and provide specific examples of what will be covered. Be sure to include your intended audience so it is clear who will benefit from attending.

Learning Objectives: Identifying the learning objectives or outcomes from your program idea will help participants define what they can gain from attending. Focus on the participant rather than the presenter and use a SMART-style approach when determining objectives.

Format: Identify the best format to deliver your program to your target audience.  While some information is better distributed as a straightforward lecture style presentation, other information may be better suited for small group discussions or an interactive panel featuring Q&A with presenters.

Length: Determine the right amount of time needed to convey your message appropriately without losing the attention of your participants. The length is dependent upon the content and learning objectives you are providing participants.

Engagement: What strategies will you use to engage participants? Plan to incorporate multiple learning styles during your program to meet your learning objectives. Engage your audience with polls or discussions.

Speaker Information: Share what sets your speakers apart and what makes them the experts on the topic.

Submit a Proposal