Host a Network Connection

No budget for staff travel? CHPA comes to you!

Network Connections are informal meetings that occur throughout North America. They offer the chance to learn, discuss market trends and issues, and connect with other corporate housing professionals in your area.

Find an upcoming Network Connection near you!

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, these events are generally FREE for CHPA members to attend.

CHPA oversees the Network Connection events with the help of its members. Staff handles the marketing and is available to assist in all aspects of the event. There is a clear timeline and process in place. You know the players and you know the dynamics of your market, so we need YOU to continue making these events successful! Need inspiration? Check out these great networking ideas!

What do I need to do?

If you want to become more involved in leading your market, you can login and purchase an in-person network connection here for $100. This fee goes towards CHPA staff time and material costs. If you have questions, contact Nick Estrada at or 317-328-4631.

The main responsibilities for planner involvement are:

Please note that the same person or company can fulfill all of these roles or split it between several companies.

  • Secure meeting space
  • Lead and foster the event’s discussion
  • Coordinate marketing with CHPA Staff to encourage attendance from other companies
  • Contact invitees to encourage attendance
  • Oversee other logistical details of the event
  • Solicit additional companies to support the event
  • Provide the food and beverages for the event
  • Assist the facilitator with planning the event
  • Address the attendees, usually by introducing or concluding the event

What does CHPA do?

Staff will assist you in the following to make your event a success:

  • Assist in coordinating a date
  • Provide logistical support, if necessary
  • Help develop a topic or discussion points.
  • Handle of the marketing of the event to members and non-members
  • Provide a list of invited guests so you can make personal follow up contacts to encourage participation
  • Manage RSVPs, reminders and follow up emails
  • Send a “meeting-in-a-box”: facilitator instructions, sign-up sheets, name badges, marketing materials, etc.