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LONDON/INDIANAPOLIS – October 12, 2015 – The first ever Quality Accreditation program for the rapidly growing serviced apartment sector, pioneered by the UK’s Association for Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP), will now go global, following a joint announcement of ASAP’s partnership with the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) headquartered in the US.

“This really is a breakthrough moment for our sector. We have rigorously tested the ASAP Quality programme over the last 12 months in the USA, Canada and also Europe to ensure it meets the demands of the international marketplace,” ASAP’s MD James Foice comments. “We are delighted that CHPA is supporting the global rollout of the program – to be known as the ‘International Serviced Apartment Accreditation Programme’ (ISAAP) outside the UK – which will be offered to the members of CHPA.”

The ISAAP program is the natural expansion of the well-established ASAP Quality Accreditation program, originally developed by the ASAP for its serviced apartment operator members in the UK and Ireland. The ISAAP program, which embraces guest opinion through internet reviews and detailed physical assessment, launches at a time when the serviced apartment industry is growing at 14% in the past year alone, with 750,000 apartments world-wide.

“The consumer globally really does want to have confidence that the serviced apartment they are staying in has been fully assessed by a professional independent body and to have confirmation that the operator they have booked with fully complies with key health & safety requirements, has robust business practices in place and adheres to an agreed industry code of conduct to ensure they can sleep safely at night,” comments Foice.

“Collaborating with the ASAP and their UK-based assessors to launch this program ensures that quality standards are consistent,” says CHPA Chief Executive Officer, Mary Ann Passi, CAE. “The global expansion of this program is an opportunity for qualified companies to set themselves apart in a very competitive marketplace. CHPA’s partnership is a significant step forward for our sector, which connects the industry globally to ensure that clients and guests are best served.”

The global rollout of the Quality program has groundbreaking potential for the advancement of the sector in every corner of the world. It will increase quality standards and give the consumer the confidence that wherever they choose to stay in a serviced apartment, they are booking a safe and secure apartment which meets the stringent standards set by the industry’s trade body, in particular in terms of duty of care and due diligence.

The introduction of the ASAP/ISAAP Quality program has also been welcomed by the wider corporate travel community with a number of leading organizations prioritizing quality accredited operators in their global travel programs.


ISAAP: International Serviced Apartments Accreditation Programme is the first ever global accreditation programme developed for the international serviced apartment industry by the UK’s Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP).

ASAP (Association of Serviced Apartment Providers): is the not-for-profit trade body dedicated exclusively to the serviced apartment industry. Our 127 members own and operate over 25,000 properties throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe, the USA and Canada. Our membership also includes 13 serviced apartment agencies committed to supporting and growing the sector. Our members generate annual revenues of £600 million, and we sell three million accommodation nights each year. We provide employment to many thousands of people and our staffing costs are in the region of £70 million, many of which are low paid jobs. Founded in 2002, our members range from large international companies to small independent operators so represent the full cross-section of the industry.

CHPA: is the only trade association dedicated exclusively to the corporate housing industry. The association expects members to uphold the highest standards in business and professionalism; provides valuable insight, knowledge and resources to the industry; and increases visibility among related industries. Along with networking, education, certification, and information sharing, CHPA members grow their business and expand their reach through an international network of partners. Find out more about corporate housing or serviced apartments at