All CCHP designees are required to maintain their certification through continuing education opportunities offered by CHPA or similar approved organizations.  Please read below for information on recertifying the CCHP certification.

To renew:
  • All candidates require a minimum of 24 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) earned in a 3-year period to recertify for the CCHP designation, and at least 12 of those credits must be obtained through CHPA activities.
  • CCHPs must renew every three years. The recertification application must be received by your expiration date. You are provided a 30-day grace period past your expiration date.
  • You may submit your recertification application prior to the end date of your current certification. Recertification adds three years to the close of your current certification term, so you are not penalized for renewing early.
  • Candidates who do not renew by the end of the expiration and grace period of their renewal year must sit for the exam again in order to be recertified.
  • The recertification fee is $165 for CHPA members and $265 for non-members. To apply for Inactive status, the fee is $100. Payment in US dollars must be included with this application.
  • Recertification is for three years. Inactive status is for one year.
Approved continuing education opportunities:
  • CCHP Annual Conference – 10/year
  • Writing questions for CCHP item bank  – 5/recert period max (1 credit hour per 2 questions)
  • CHPA Regional Conferences – 4/event
  • Participation on CHPA Board of Directors – 5/year
  • NAA/ERC/CERC Convention attendance – 5/event
  • Participation as a committee chair – 4/year
  • Active Committee Participation – 3/year
  • Participation in related organization’s events or classes – 3/event day
  • Facilitator for a CHPA Network Connection – 3/event
  • Class Instructor (or speaker at CHPA Annual Conference)- 3/class
  • Articles published – 3/article
  • Attend a Network Connection – 1/event
  • Roundtable Facilitator at CHPA Annual Conference – 2/year
  • Webinar Attendee – 1/hour
  • Co-Facilitator/Facilitator for Cram/Study Sessions – 1/hour
  • Co-Facilitator/Facilitator for Item Review Sessions – 1/hour
  • Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource course through an approved organization- 1/hour