CHPA Analytics

Better data. Better business.

Access real-time data and industry trends

Our industry is rapidly evolving. Your company needs immediate access to industry trends and data to make smarter, quicker business decisions for your company.

CHPA introduces CHPA Analytics, a new data tool that helps your company make better business decisions, leading to increased profitability.

CHPA Analytics goes beyond an annual snapshot of statistics. Access key business intelligence to stay competitive:

  • Daily market rates, average stay length and unit types counts. Filters data by city, state, region or country.
  • Online portal and interactive dashboards to compare rates and assist with revenue management.
  • An Annual Industry Report to legitimize the industry with your key stakeholders.
  • Exportable data for internal company reporting and action.

With CHPA Analytics, you can use this data to drive business strategy, revenue growth, and sales and marketing objectives.

How does it work?

Industry-leading security protocols to ensure your data is safe and your privacy is protected. All data is reported in the aggregate, so nothing is identifiable to your company.

Interactive dashboards provide at-a-glance, easy-to-understand insights about what’s happening in your market(s).

It’s easy to contribute data, from your system either through an API feed or the connector.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  Do I have to give data to get data?

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