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Today we are excited to announce the third big change in policy at A new simple billing system makes booking an apartment with easier than ever before.

You can check out our previous two updates here: Waives Security Deposit Waives Notice to Vacate

What we changed:

Today is introducing simple billing, and announcing a waiving of rental contracts. Booking with just got a lot easier!

Instead of a rental contract you will simply receive a confirmation email containing terms and conditions and all the information you need for your booking. With a one-page email containing all the information, it is so much easier to read and understand everything that you are agreeing to.This means that simple billing not only makes life easier for our clients, but also for our booking specialists.  Clear communication is key to great customer service, so we’re very excited about the new policy.

Why we changed:

Originally, our rental contract ran to seven pages of paper and had to be faxed to the renter, signed, and then faxed back. This was a bit of a hassle for everybody, but that was just the way things were done in the industry. Obviously, not everyone has a fax machine anymore so the process could be difficult. Additionally, the wasted paper on both ends was, to us, becoming an environmental concern. It was time for a change.

What this means for you:

  • No more lengthy contracts to decipher and sign, simple billing means everything is in one place, straightforward, and clear.
  • Say good bye to hunting down that dusty fax machine, everything is emailed to you!
  • All the important details are right in the email invoice: booking number, info regarding your stay, the name of your booking agent, phone number of your agent, and cost. Everything you need to know is right in one place.

Getting rid of rental contracts and using simple billing is an example of how is constantly striving to rethink the way business is done in the industry.

“We want to be able to communicate with our clients more effectively, and a simple, straightforward, one-page invoice with all the necessary information just made sense to us as a step in that direction.” – Said Vladimir de Suàrez, Founder and CEO, of the move.

Stay tuned for the final instalment of our series on new policies! If you have any questions about any of these changes, please don’t hesitate to contact your corporate housing specialist!