What’s the future of corporate housing? Where are corporations heading, and what strategies are necessary to prepare for these changes?

In our first Navigating the Noise podcast, CHPA’s futurist Brian David Johnson breaks down two underlying trends affecting corporations: falling transaction costs, and the digital nature of 21st century corporations. Listen now to hear:

  • Brian David and fellow futurist Greg Lindsay examine how corporations and their employees do business today- and what changes we’ll see in the future.
  • Corporate housing providers Jeff Brookhouser, CCHP, of Premiere Suites and Dave Caple, CCHP, of ABODA by RESIDE, discuss the strategies their companies are implementing to address these changes.
  • Brian David and CHPA CEO Mary Ann Passi, CAE, provide three strategies you can implement today to prepare your companies for the future.


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Take Action

  1. Watch for the change in your market and be prepared, not only for large mergers, but for the new “little company” too as it might just be your next market. Here are some examples of how to do that:
    1. Connect with your Chambers of Commerce.
    2. Research any new companies listed in local business journals.
  2. Develop a strategy to serve the smaller companies (if you don’t have it already). Here are some examples of how to do that:
    1. Understand their needs – get your team together and take 30 minutes to pencil it out. 
    2. Determine your ROI on serving smaller companies, because they want very different things than larger companies.
  3. Develop a digital tools strategy – as the expectation rises how will you rise to meet it? Here are some examples of how to do that:
    1. There’s not going to be LESS technology in the future so get your team together and understand your options and what is emerging in your markets.
    2. Evaluate how you protect your company and your clients, and all of the information technology has access to. 
    3. Understand your customer’s needs and wants. Technology should make the transaction easier for them. What role do they want technology to play in their stay?

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