The corporate housing/serviced apartment sector is highly impacted by changes in markets, regulation and business. How will these market shifts and regulations change your business?

In this podcast, you will hear:

  • Futurist Brian David Johnson and Mary Ann Passi, CEO of CHPA, discuss how shifts in markets and regulations can impact corporate housing providers- whether they are in one market or have properties around the world
  • Economist Paul Thomas discusses globalism vs. nationalism, and how political climates impact businesses in our sector
  • John Wagner of Cycas Hospitality and Ervin Yeo of The Ascott Limited discuss how their companies benefit from both globalism and nationalism
  • Three things to do now to ensure your buildings are ready for the guests of tomorrow

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NEW for Season 2: Based on member requests, we have added a video component to our podcasts. Thank you to ASAP for their generous support! Watch the full episode or each section individually.

Full Episode  

Section 1:
The Road Ahead

Section 2:
What Matters

Section 3:
3 Things To Do

Key Takeaways 


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Take Action 

  1. Analyze your market. Understand how your company benefits from globalism and how it benefits from nationalism, and analyze what could happen if markets shift one way or the other.
    • Every market is unique; take a step back and think about how these trends impact your company, your supply chain and the companies/guests you serve.
  1. Review what impact changes to the market would have on your customers.
    • Would this impact ability to get visas? To create jobs in new markets? To import/export? How would this in turn impact your company’s ability to serve your client base?
    • Understand the business impacts—businesses will move where the market is.
  2.  Consider globalization as a lifestyle.
    • Ensure your properties are speaking not just to domestic travelers, but also to the global audience.
    • Ensure your properties are not isolating to guests who may be traveling long distances from their homes.


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