The workforce of the future is mobile. Employees want the flexibility to get out there, to work in different places and have more flexibility – and this will only increase. What does that mean for corporate housing and serviced apartment providers?

In this podcast, you will hear:

  • Futurist Brian David Johnson and Mary Ann Passi, CHPA’s CEO, discuss what the future of mobility and a mobile workforce mean for today’s businesses.
  • Renny Gleeson, Global Digital Strategies Director for ad agency Wiedon + Kennedy, talks about living by ‘subscription’, meaningful messaging and microtargeting customers in an increasingly mobile world.
  • David Smith of UK-based City Apartments Ltd., and Peggy Smith, SCRP, SGMS-T, president and CEO of the Worldwide Employment Relocation Council share the trends they are seeing in relocation and the experiences people want to have via mobility. And the opportunities for corporate housing/serviced apartment companies to provide these experiences

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Section 1:
The Road Ahead

Section 2:
What Matters

Section 3:
3 Things To Do

Key Takeaways 


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Take Action 

  1. Design local experiences for global travelers.
    • People don’t want to replicate their home when they’re traveling; they want to experience something local.
    • Think of new ways to bring in this local experience. It could be the brand of the city where you’re located, or the brand of the company using the unit.
    • Design the experiences you want for each guest; experiences could be different based on length of stay. 
  1. Make sure your business infrastructure works.
    • Make sure your communication and technology infrastructure works. As people are more mobile, they will rely on technology more often and it has to be intuitive and work immediately. They cannot afford downtime.
  2.  Explore subscriptions.
    • What do you do in your business that might be flipped into a subscription? Whether that’s for your own business operations or for the experience of the guest, subscriptions can provide more flexibility and unique offerings.
    • Instead of providing a certain product or service yourself, subscribe to it. This provides more flexibility, and is adaptable for companies of all sizes.


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