In times of fear, the natural response is fight, flight, or freeze. But it’s critical that business leaders resist the urge to freeze and instead focus on innovations that will spark demand and carry their organizations out of the economic recession.

In this 30 minute podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Futurist Brian David Johnson discuss the pitfalls of fear-based decision making
  • Futurist Steve Brown discuss the pandemic as “The Great Accelerator” as technology is now being developed and implemented out of neccessity
  • Lukas Krause from National Corporate Housing outline his company’s strategy for innovating during this downturn
  • Three things you can do now to boost innovation within your company

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Key Takeaways 

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Take Action: 3 Things To Do 

  1. Reflect, focus and invest.
    • Reflect and think of the mission and vision of your organization.
    • Focus on the things you can control. The changes are in how you execute.
    • Invest in the areas to make your business stronger.
  2. Block the time.
    • Schedule time to reflect.
    • Block out uninterrupted time to think.
  3. Value it.
    • Value this time to think strategically.
    • Value this investment in the future of your business.
    • Permit your teams to do this, and reward the behavior


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