The global pandemic is forcing corporate housing companies to evaluate their existing processes and offerings, resulting in new opportunities for innovation and customer service. This episode is a case study in how one corporate housing company is innovating during COVID-19.

In this special pop-up episode, you’ll hear:

  • Futurists Brian David Johnson and Steve Brown discuss the opportunities for positive change
  • Amy Raven of Minto Furnished Suites discuss how her company has innovated and adapted in the midst of the pandemic
  • Three things you can do now to jumpstart your company’s innovation and offerings 

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Key Takeaways 

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Take Action: 3 Things To Do 

  1. Go deep.
    • Think about who you are as an organization. What do people value about you as an organization, and how do you enhance that?
    • Evaluate processes, technologies and culture. How can you strengthen these?
    • What new choices can you offer your clients and guests?
  2. Build a coalition
    • Identify like-minded people within your organization who can work toward change.
    • Seek input from outside your organization, including clients.
    • Layer this information together to make change.
  3. Build your technology acumen
    • Understand the technologies that exist—not the bits and bytes, but rather, how they can be used to solve problems
    • Figure out the business problems you want to solve and determine technologies that can offer a solution


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