What is the Future of Work? This podcast addresses three areas with a lot of noise: artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and data science. What will their effects be on the future of corporate housing and longer-term rentals? What’s the reality and what’s the hype, and what do you really need to get prepared for?

Listen now to hear:

  • Brian David and fellow futurist Alida Draudt examine how these technologies will change the workforce–and the workers themselves–in the future.
  • Bridgestreet Global Hospitality Senior Vice President of Revenue Generation Mark Snapkoski and Dr. Wai Gen Yee, chief data scientist at Datlytics, discuss how these technologies are being used in their companies and what this means for their clients
  • Brian David and CHPA CEO Mary Ann Passi, CAE, provide three strategies you can implement today to prepare your companies for the future.


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Take Action

  1. Watch for these technologies coming into your clients:
    1. Look for a shift in the labor force. This will give you a better sense for when you might need to address this new labor force’s different needs for housing. 
    2. Inside your own organization, watch how these technologies might change how you work, and think about how you might be able to automate some of the tasks in your organization.
  2. Explore what kind of relationship you want to have with your customer.
    1. How could you use technology to give you greater insight, pulling together more data for better decision making?
    2. How could you free people up? What would you have them do instead?
    3. Explore how you can better value human-to-human interaction and relationships.
  3. Learn how predictive analytics could help you set up corporate housing units better or for less.
    1. Balance the need to be efficient and the implementation of new technology with personal relationships.
    2. Determine how you’ll evaluate ROI of big data tools—do you want to invest in this?
    3. Make the most of CHPA’s resources; watch for more information on predictive analytics built by CHPA and Datlytics and understand how that data can position your company to be more competitive.


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