The progression of technology is not a new thing. From the hand axe to the industrial revolution, we have shaped our tools and our technology–and then our tools and technology have reshaped us. So what tools will transform our businesses and markets?

This podcast dives into three specific technologies that will transform our markets: Screens, speakers and artificial intelligence (AI). What do these technologies mean to corporate housing and longer-term rentals? And what data will feed into them?

This episode is packed full of practical tips for corporate housing CEOs, marketing professionals and operations teams. Listen now to hear:

  • Brian David and fellow futurist Steve Brown examine how these technologies have transformed business operations and customer expectations
  • A discussion on the impact of these technologies on corporate housing featuring Jennifer Breen, CCHP, of Suite Home Chicago, Gabriel Wacker, CCHP, of Suite Options, and Scott Shatford of AirDNA
  • Three pragmatic steps your company can take to ensure you are prepared for the changes these technologies will bring to the industry

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Take Action

1. Explore how screens and connectivity can enhance the way you do business today.

  • Screens and connectivity are here to stay. How can these screens enhance how you do business? Would you offer tele-presence, apps, real time booking, remote key access, FaceTime to meet and greet? Can you use screens to streamline operations between the office and the field?
  • Continue to find where devices can help you do business better.
  • Screens will change in the future; what could you do with a foldable or bendable screen?

2. Experiment with smart speakers.

  • Get one. Try it out. See how others are using it.
  • Look for new and novel ways to use them: customer service chat bots, or having guests use them to make requests or order items they need such as groceries.
  • Keep an eye on the numbers of people who are using them in the home and also the expectation for business use.
  • These technologies are still experimental, but in 2-3 years they will be the expectation. Hotels are starting to use them now. Develop your strategy and what it means for your guests and properties.

3. Watch artificial intelligence and don’t believe the hype.

  • Human connection matters and will only become more valuable.
  • Ask: How might your company choose to use AI? When would a customer speak to a human vs. an AI?
  • Google is working on an AI to book travel for users; this will affect your marketing and how you connect with customers. Develop a strategy. 
  • Look at the leading markets that are using AI and learn from their successes and failures.


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