Navigating the Noise EPISODE 4: 


The rise of the millennial generation over the next 10 years will change how corporate housing providers do business and who we do business with. This podcast examines the future of the workforce and what it means for corporate housing providers. 

This episode is packed full of practical tips for corporate housing CEOs, marketing professionals and operations teams. Listen now to hear:

  • Brian David and fellow futurist Julia Rose West, chief futurist at Ancestry, discuss how the workforce will change as a result of Millennial and Gen Z workers
  • A discussion on how these changes impact corporate housing companies and clients featuring Collin Walker CCHP, and Matt Singley, CCHP, of Pinnacle Furnished Suites
  • Three pragmatic steps your company can take to ensure you are prepared for the changes these workers and customers will bring to the industry

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Take Action

1. Identify who in your organization owns the client and guest experience.

  • Define who is in charge of making sure the needs of every generation are being met. This might be an entire team, everyone on staff, or a one specific person.
  • Articulate your guest/client experience by creating a flow chart or detailed plan of all touchpoints. Identify the point person(s) for each step to ensure an overall positive experience.
  • Make sure everyone in your organization knows the client expectations.
  • Empower every member of your team to meet those expectations.
  • Remember, it’s not just younger generations who have changing expectations; ALL guests expect the same comfort and technology that they have in their homes.
  • Have conversations with your team and other CHPA members about these changing expectations and how you can meet/exceed them.

2. Review your hiring and HR policies to see if they are Millennial and Gen Z friendly. 

  • Review changing employee expectations from the physical layout of your office, to flexibility of workloads, to social events that create community.
  • Determine how and if your company will respond to these changes. Not every organization will respond the same way; determine what works for your company and your culture. 
  • Bring Millennial and Gen Z employees to CHPA events so they can better understand their career paths within the corporate housing industry to establish professional goals. Help provide a sense of purpose that it’s not “just a job” – it’s a career.

3. Consider your company’s succession planning.

  • Millennials and Gen Zs want to know what the future holds for them and for the company.
  • Consider an exit strategy. Do you have expertise on staff to do a valuation of your company? Do you need to hire that expertise?
  • Consider how the gig economy might play into your company’s future. Could you hire contract workers to do specific tasks?
  • Remain flexible with your hiring and technology in order to adapt to these changing demands and expectations. 


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