The Internet of Things (IoT) is making its way into our lives.  From smart speakers to smart appliances, intelligence and communication is expanding.  Beyond home use, companies are now implementing the Industrial Internet of Things which, when paired with artificial intelligence and other autonomous systems, could dramatically change how the industry manages property.

This episode is packed full of practical tips for all industry professionals – from front-line teams to CEOs. Listen now to hear: 

  • Brian David and Julie Jenson Bennett, CEO of Precipice, a strategy and innovation consultancy, discuss experience design. How do products, services and technologies impact experiences and in turn, how do experiences impact the development of products?
  • A discussion on how the Internet of Things is impacting corporate housing companies and clients featuring Mark Strumwasser, CCHP, Sunshine Rentals, Henry Luebbert, Synergy Global Housing and Adam Sherer, Marriott International.
  • Three strategies your company can start today (because the Internet of Things is already here) to get an understanding of this technology and how it impacts your business. 

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Key Takeaways 


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Take ActioN

  1. PLAY around with the Internet of Things (IoT).
    • Technologies will continue to grow rapidly.
    • It’s not just about the tech; it’s about the relationships and connectivity.
    • Think about how you would use it, as well as how family members, employees and clients would use it.
    • How does this immediate redesign of the surrounding environment impact how a client or a guest feels coming into your apartment?
    • Try out these technologies at CHPA events.
  2. QUESTION your vendors about the implementation of IoT strategies.
    • Do you know what your partners are able to provide you? There may be cost savings or efficiency savings in the relationship or in how they work for your company.
    • Think of all that’s possible via the partnerships and people that already exist in the industry – and what can be accomplished by working together to offer something.
    • Smart TVs, washers, keyless control – these things can streamline and connect operations teams. Improving efficiencies helps identify issues and resolve them more immediately, which improves the overall guest experience.
  3. LAUNCH a pilot – start small and track the ROI.
    • IoT is happening now, and it’s time to try it. You don’t want to be left behind.
    • Investment is required for new technology so try some of this out by piloting something on a smaller scale. To not invest in any new technology is a disservice to your business. Tech will only continue to evolve and expectations continue to build. If you’re not able to meet the expectations, you will lose clients.
    • Look critically at operations and see how to improve via technology.
    • You can’t control emotions but you can think through how you want a client to feel and what you want them to experience. Start making small improvements to impact these experiences.
    • Experiences evoke emotions, and the emotions they evoke determines the value of the experience. You can’t ignore that experience.