Who are the corporate housing customers of tomorrow? Tomorrow’s customers will have different desires and different decision-making processes,  driven by technology and convenience. Learn what corporate housing and serviced apartment providers must do to meet the needs of tomorrow’s customer. 

In this podcast, you will hear:

  • Futurist Brian David Johnson and Mary Ann Passi, CEO of CHPA, discuss the demands, desires and decision-making of the customers of tomorrow
  • Julie Jenson Bennett, CEO of Precipice, dive into how brands must be prepared to interact with tomorrow’s customers
  • Global mobility professional Vladimir Dziak discuss how the need for immediacy and customization is changing the decision-making process 
  • Stephen Hanton, CEO of SACO, review how the corporate housing product must change to meet customer demands
  • Shree Khare, VP of Information Technology for Oakwood, examine how technology can be used to meet changing customer demands
  • Three things to do now to prepare your company for the changes coming

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Section 1:
The Road Ahead

Section 2:
What Matters

Section 3:
3 Things To Do

Key Takeaways 


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Take ActioN

  1. Find your customer’s True North.
    • Think creatively to stay relevant to your customer/client base
    • Innovate wherever you can; you must stay ahead of the curve.
  2. Analyze your process of how you’re engaging and communicating with people.
    • Understand how you can enable the end user to become a participant in the process.
    • Customers want to know why providers are doing things in a certain way; discover the challenges you must overcome to meet the guest experience they’re expecting.
  3. Rethink how you interact with and communicate with guests.
    • Understand the shift from a B2B to a B2C model.
    • Think about how to communicate with the consumer. This could mean chat bots or simply updating your FAQ.
    • Look critically at operations and see how to improve via technology.
    • The end user wants to engage with your brand, so look for new and interesting ways to connect.


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