On this episode of Navigating the Noise, we look at digital security and its impact on the corporate housing/ serviced apartment sector. Securing your company’s data is an important element of duty of care, and we break down what you need to do to ensure your company and clients are protected. 

In this podcast, you will hear:

  • Futurist Brian David Johnson and Mary Ann Passi, CEO of CHPA, discuss the threats and opportunities of cybersecurity in today’s business world
  • Lt. Colonel Dr. Natalie Vanatta of the U.S. Army Cyber Institute, shares the steps you should take to minimize cybersecurity risks
  • Bob Siegel, President and Founder of Privacy Ref, discusses how new technologies can inadvertently place companies at risk
  • Aaron Turner, CTO of BridgeStreet Global Hospitality, shares how his company developed and implemented a robust cybersecurity program 
  • Three things to do now to ensure your company and client data is secure

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Full Episode  

Section 1:
The Road Ahead

Section 2:
What Matters

Section 3:
3 Things To Do

Key Takeaways 


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Take Action

  1. Follow these 3 important steps for cybersecurity:
    • Patch your devices and computers; apply security updates as they become available.
    • Question when applications and webpages ask for your information.
    • Don’t use the same password for everything.
  2. Prioritize security.
    • Just like physical security is always a concern, digital security should always be a concern.
    • Have a plan in place for a breach. Make sure your response is quick and decisive; share it internally within your teams and externally with your customers so they are confident in the duty of care process for their employees.
  3. Collaborate.
    • Digital security is a big and new problem, but it’s surmountable when you collaborate with others to identify the requirements you need for security. 
    • Consider finding a trusted expert to help your company navigate digital security. 
    • Be vigilant and selective in the new technology that you choose and in the partners with whom you choose to collaborate.


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