This episode examines the buildings of the future and how we live, work and play in them. The built environment is incredibly important for the corporate housing/ serviced accommodations industry. From smart buildings to purpose-built developments– how will the built environment influence our industry?

In this podcast, you will hear:

  • Futurist Brian David Johnson and Mary Ann Passi, CEO of CHPA, discuss changes the built environment and what it means for corporate housing/serviced apartment providers 
  • Lauren Della Bella, President of SHP, outlines changes in building materials, construction technology and resource availability– and what that means for the buildings of tomorrow
  • George Westwell of Cheval Residences shares how his company uses the built environment to help guests foster community
  • Sean Miller, president of PointCentral, discusses ways to retrofit older buildings with fresh technology
  • Mindy Teo, vice president of brand, marketing and digital innovation for The Ascott Limited, shares how her company researched and launched a brand geared toward millennials 
  • Three things to do now to ensure your buildings are ready for the guests of tomorrow

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Full Episode  

Section 1:
The Road Ahead

Section 2:
What Matters

Section 3:
3 Things To Do

Key Takeaways 


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Take Action

    1. Start small.

      • Look at small opportunities that might improve ROI or make things easier for you or your guests.

      • As you look at solutions or devices, consider an enterprise level solution rather than a consumer solution.

      • Consider easy ways to retrofit older units such as smart appliances, smart outlets, smart lights.

    2. Be creative with the resources at hand.

      • Think through the guest experience from beginning to end. What technology powers your guest experience, and how can that be enhanced?

      • How will your buildings evolve? What will they be like when they were the buildings of tomorrow?

    3. Create community.

      • How do you use your physical space when you’re building your space, retrofitting, redesigning? How do you create a physical space so that community can flourish?

      • Avoid isolated guest syndrome. Create opportunities to engage with others.



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