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Furniture Rental for your Apartment or Home in a Remote Location

Moving all around the country for work or study means having to constantly change homes. Where in many cases you can certainly find a nice apartment or house, you often have a hard time feeling at home. Some homes you find may give you the option of renting a furnished home but what happens when these furnished homes do not align with your personal style?

Living in a home in which you do not feel comfortable could turn very unpleasant. Even if you are planning a short-term stay, enjoying the homelike experience is priceless.

In this regard, furniture and décor play a fundamental role in creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Home décor plays a fundamental role in your mood as it allows you to feel safe and in harmony with your home, inspiring you to be more optimistic and balanced.

Home furniture rental is your best option to create this personalized and more comfortable experience that allows you to feel at peace in your new home.

Why opt for furniture rental instead of purchasing?

Renting furniture for your home is an increasingly popular option due to the continuous movement of people during their professional and/or academic careers. Whatever your situation, furniture rental is the best option for you.

Furniture rental is the widely used, preferred method to decorate a home in this increasingly fast paced world. Opting for furniture rental provides you with a hassle free experience you are sure to appreciate, especially when you are renting a home for a short time.

Advantages of Furniture Rental

  • Renting furniture offers the simplicity needed to adapt to any space with substantial savings in cost.
  • Save time and money with furniture rental, gain in style and comfort, and adapt the furniture to your personal style depending on your home décor needs.
  • Convenience is also an advantage to be considered when contracting this service, you save on time and money when it comes to furniture assembly.
  • Creativity is key when renting furniture as you can focus on quality modern design to better define the tone and personality of your home.
  • A sustainable alternative to bargain shopping, this furniture rental service allows you to decorate your new home with beautiful modern pieces of durable quality.
  • Having professional support is always a guarantee of success as their experience in furnishing homes allows for a seamless and enjoyable process.

Rent your Furniture with Corporate Stays

As housing providers with fully furnished apartments for rent, at Corporate Stays we know the needs of those who frequently move around. We have the perfect furniture rental proposal for you. In collaboration with Casa Suarez, we can meet all your dining room, living room, and bedroom set needs.

Just follow three simple steps to have the furniture to create a home atmosphere with pieces to fit your personal lifestyle:

  1. Select your style: Choose between: The Zen, The Urban, or The Millennial styles.
  2. Select your apartment size: Let us know how many rooms you need to fill.
  3. Choose your credit terms: you can opt for 12, 24, or 36-month rental, just select
    the one you need.

We have unique and modern furniture for all your new home décor needs. The best part is, if ever your needs should change and you just can’t bear to part with our beautiful pieces, you can always opt to own them!