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SUNRISE, Fla., Dec. 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —ReloQuest proud to announce that Helen Maracle has joined the ReloQuest team as Vice President of Business Development. ReloQuest Inc. is a temporary housing platform that provides an independent, unbiased resource for global mobility, corporate clients and individuals in need of sourcing corporate housing, serviced apartments, and hotels, worldwide.


Helen is a forward-thinking, strategic business leader dedicated to establishing and strengthening relationships in the global mobility industry. Her accomplishments include serving as Advisor to the Board of the Southern California Relocation Council, Communications Chair for the Pacific Northwest Relocation Council and Treasurer for the Bay Area Mobility Management.

Helen will make a valuable addition to the ReloQuest team, as she brings in-depth experience from former consultative roles and a wealth of industry experience. Helen has decided to align herself with ReloQuest Inc. to be a part of an innovative company that shares a commitment to continued progress in sourcing temporary accommodations for Global Mobility. She plans to focus on providing opportunities for relocation professionals to track and optimally manage their supply chains. Helen attributes her former sales success to her level of client service and support, along with her commitment to exceed customer expectations. She will partner with clients to identify solutions to corporate housing challenges with the comprehensive ReloQuest platform.

Helen stated, “Increased supply chain globalization and complexity need to be managed effectively to mitigate risk, increase service levels, and reduce costs. I look forward to demonstrating how ReloQuest can provide valuable data leading to greater alignment with client’s business objectives; as well as, how the platform delivers better insight to service providers performance, and the strategic direction to make targeted changes for the future.”

Darin Karp, Founder and CEO of ReloQuest, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Helen to ReloQuest, her comprehensive knowledge and corporate housing experience will provide prompt and effective solutions for our clients to manage unique sourcing challenges successfully.”

About ReloQuest

ReloQuest is a universal multi-award-winning software used to source temporary accommodations, corporate housing, serviced apartments, and hotels, worldwide. ReloQuest integrates clients, suppliers, and guests throughout the process of their accommodation. The technology increases efficiency up to 80%, assists in determining best options, identifies strategic direction and impacts ROI.