Homelike Announces Significant Investment from QIG Holdings, Set to Dominate the Monthly Rental Market

Published on Friday, June 9th, 2023 by Fabio Felix Pereira

Homelike, established prop-tech company, announces QIG Holdings (‘QIG’), an expert hospitality investment group, as a significant shareholder. Following an extensive market review, QIG identified Homelike as the ideal prop-tech company to elevate its brand portfolio, thanks to Homelike’s cutting-edge technology, established market presence and exceptional user experience; the brand perfectly aligns with QIG’s vision to drive the alternative accommodation sector forward, from serviced apartments and aparthotels to co-living and pods, acquiring, creating and developing brands that are transforming the industry. With QIG’s substantial eight digit investment and strong financial backing, this partnership positions Homelike to dominate the global mid-long stay market and drive innovation forward.

The deal will begin with a merger between Homelike and Q Global Network (QGN) , an existing company under the QIG umbrella. This partnership leverages Homelike’s success in the B2C market while tapping into Q Global Network’s strong position in the B2B sector. While Homelike has been credited for its achievements in the B2B space, the merger with Q Global Network further solidifies and strengthens their business model. This synergy enhances both companies’ product offerings and market expertise, creating a powerful force that brings together the best of both worlds under the Homelike name.

Homelike’s unique DNA, driven by technology and focused on providing an exceptional user journey, sets it apart in the industry. The company’s tech-driven approach is revolutionizing the booking experience, addressing challenges such as long, non-transparent and complicated booking processes, as well as numerous friction points during the booking process, including live availability, contract handling, pricing transparency, payment and invoicing practices. Homelike are driving the change to new, seamless practices to transform the sector, similar to the paradigm shift witnessed in the short-stay industry a decade ago.

Homelike has an impressive platform, with a requested volume handled on the platform in 2023 of $500m USD, booked volume of $100m USD, a global portfolio of over 180,000 apartments, and serving more than 70 countries post merger. The combined number of active B2B customers is 750+, with 200,000 active B2C accounts on the Homelike platform yearly.

The investment by QIG is set to bring Homelike to new heights with a profitable year ahead, allowing the company to grow and provide more value to its customers. Homelike and QIG are excited to continue their mission of providing a better experience for people booking flexible rentals worldwide and driving the industry forward.

For more information, please visit:
Homelike – https://www.thehomelike.com/
QIG – https://weareqig.com/

About Homelike:

Homelike is a leading prop-tech company at the forefront of alternative accommodation solutions. With its strong B2C DNA and emphasis on technology, Homelike offers an exceptional user experience and revolutionizes the way accommodation is booked and managed. Through its partnership with QIG, Homelike aims to strengthen its market position and drive industry-wide change.

About QIG:

QIG promises to combine expertise with investment to reinvigorate the accommodation hospitality industry globally, from serviced apartments and aparthotels to co-living and pods, QIG’s ambition and passion is to transform hospitality for the better, paving the way for the future of alternative accommodation. With a focus on disruptive innovation and market-leading brands, investing in Homelike adds an exceptional prop-tech company to its brand portfolio, unlocking new opportunities for growth and success.