Renewal Information

STOP! If you are a new member of CHPA (defined as a member company who joined or rejoined the association between July 2017 and June 2018) please see the directions below.

Thank you for making the commitment to renew your CHPA membership and your continued support of the association! Below find information to assist you during your renewal process and to help answer any questions you may have regarding this year's renewal process. 

Renew Now (By Card)


Renew Now (By Check)

Pay online today via Mastercard, Visa or American Express   Pay by check later via a generated invoice at the end of the renewal form which can be found in your company's My Account page. 

General Information 

Renewal Form Directions

In order to confirm CHPA has the most up-to-date information on your company, a renewal form has been created which will allow you to review the information currently in our database on your company. This form will also automatically calculate your annual dues based on your revenue (the new dues structure approved by the CHPA Board of Directors in December 2017). Finally, you'll now be able to select the following based on your membership type:

  • Providers: Select from over 700 MSAs defined by our new data partnership. This helps to standardize MSAs across all providers and make it easier for potential clients to find you in the membership directory.
  • Associate Partners: Select your business category or select multiple to help direct Providers and potential member companies to your services. 

Ready to renew? Following these steps.

  1. Choose the appropriate payment type above. If you are ready to make payment today, you can select Renew Now (by card) to pay via Mastercard, Visa or American Express. If your company would prefer to pay via check, choose Renew Now (by check) and an invoice will generate at the end of your renewal form you can find in your company's My Account page. 
  2. Regardless of which form you choose, login with your company login information. If you're unsure of your username, please contact us at Passwords can be reset by clicking the "Forgot my password" box and entering your username. The primary email on the account will receive instructions to reset the password.
  3. Once logged in, select whether you are a Provider or an Associate Partner and complete the renewal form.  

Information Required for Renewal

Before you renew today, please ensure you have the following information as it will be necessary for to complete the renewal form.

  • Company login information (this is different than your individual employee login): If you are unsure of the username, please contact us at If you do not know your password, it can be reset by clicking "Forgot my password" in the login box. The primary email on the account will receive instructions to reset the password.
  • Company-wide annual revenue: Your company-wide annual revenue will determine your annual dues as approved by the CHPA Board of Directors in December 2017. You will not need to report a specific number, rather select from 4 ranges of revenue (less than $5M, $5M to less than $15M, $15M to less than $49M and more than $49M). These will also be used to determine which category your company will fall into for annual awards given at the Annual Conference.
  • MSAs served or Business Categories: Depending on your membership type, you will either be asked to select from over 700 MSAs around the US and globe (Providers) or to select your business categories (Associate Partners). CHPA is improving our Membership Directory and this information will help your company be found easier in the directory. 

Dues Structure Explanation

In December 2017, the CHPA Board of Directors approved a new dues structure for the association. This new structure removes the outdated concept of billing based on number of physical offices and aligns the provider dues with your company's annual revenue. This creates a more equitable dues structure for all member companies. Below please find an overview of the dues structure for this year. 

Provider Dues     Associate Partner Dues  
Annual Revenue Dues   Annual Revenue Dues
<$5M $1,000   Any  $1,050
$5M - <$15M $1,200      
$15M - <$49M $2,000      
$49M+ $3,500      

  • Canadian Member Assessment: Please note if your company is based in Canada, an additional $250 Canadian Member Assessment is charged during the renewal process. This fee goes to support Canadian specific initiatives.  
  • All membership dues are collected in US dollars. 

Add-On Visibility Packages

New beginning this year, CHPA will offer additional visibility packages, Silver Key and Gold Key, to all member companies. If you previously (as an Associate Partner) were a member of the President's Club, these visibility packages replace that membership level. 

Silver Key - $1,000 annually
  • Member company logo will be displayed weekly in the eNews email distributed to CHPA members and employees
  • Advance notification/choice of sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities for annual sponsorships, Annual Conference and Regional Conferences
  • Acknowledgement at all events and on event signage
  Gold Key - $2,500 annually
  • All benefits of Silver Key
  • Logo displayed on the CHPA website
  • Logo displayed on the left-side of the CHPA website
  • One-page flyer placed in new member packets
  • Special invitation to the New Member and First-Time Attendee Reception at the Annual Conference
  • Ability to host a short presentation about your company/products at the Annual Conference

New Member Renewal Process

New members of CHPA are members who joined or rejoined the association between July 2017 and June 2018. Per CHPA's policies, your second year of membership is prorated based off of when you joined. Additionally because the new dues structure was approved in December 2017, it was determined all new members would have dues prorated on the previous dues structure. Because of this process, your renewal process is slightly different from the above process. Should you have any questions on your renewal, please contact Nick Estrada, Director of Membership at 317.328.4631 or by email at

  1. Login to your company's My Account by clicking the Member Login in the upper-right hand corner of the CHPA website 
  2. Under "My Company Account" click on "My Company Statements"
  3. Here you can see any invoices (under the Type column)
  4. To view an invoice, click "view" (please note these invoices do not include Silver or Gold Key visibility packages; if you are interested in adding one of these packages to your membership, please call CHPA at 317.328.4631 and speak with Nick Estrada, Director of Membership)
  5. To pay an invoice, click "pay"
  6. Fill out the payment page and click "submit"
  7. A copy of the paid invoice will now be available in your My Account
  8. Under "My Company Information" click "About My Company"
  9. Update the answers to the questions on this page; this information is for internal use at CHPA except for the Provider Service Areas or Associate Partner Business Categories. The information collected in those two areas will be used to power the front-end Member Directory search functions. 

Still have questions? Contact Nick Estrada, Director of Membership, at 317.328.4631 or by email at

Need a reminder of the value of your CHPA membership? Here's a quick video from members sharing their own experiences.