Introducing ReloShare - The First B2B Instant-Booking & Live-Sourcing Corporate Housing Marketplace

Published on Tuesday, December 1st, 2020 by Matt Singley

We are thrilled to introduce the world’s first instant-booking and live-sourcing corporate housing tool built specifically for our industry. ReloShare is the first marketplace built BY corporate housing FOR corporate housing. It is time to benefit from the automation and network effects that have aided many other sectors in our lives. Let’s give the power back to the provider!

Why ReloShare was created – Corporate housing entrepreneur Matt Singley, owner of Pinnacle Furnished Suites (winner of CHPA company of the year 2019), has long yearned for technological innovation in the corporate housing space.  While building PFS, he realized that the industry was ripe for technological innovation. The industry has seen many sourcing platforms, third party selling, and cumbersome sales processes with ancient communication techniques. We all know it – we are spending countless hours “bidding” the same requests through 6 different bid systems and watching our “win rate” drop exponentially through this process. We employ inside sales personnel just to pitch to clients we already have. We spend hours (and wait days) to source partner options for our clients in our cities and outside our regional core coverage. We manually formulate emails, download photos, reformat them, copy and paste URL links, and regurgitate information to the point of exhaustion. Why do we do this? Why do we need to suffer through this process? So far, there has been no efficient way to use technology and streamline the sales process.

What is ReloShare? ReloShare is the first independent live-booking platform for curated corporate housing inventory that can link our industry together in a way that just a year ago seemed unimaginable. As a provider, you can use ReloShare to offer your established clients a live-booking opportunity for only your inventory (or live-source your partners). ReloShare also creates a network of partner providers whose housing inventory can be live-sourced in real-time, marked up, and presented to your clients (branded to your company!) in seconds. We’re automating and streamlining your current processes with absolutely no loss in customer touch. Implementation of ReloShare increases your sales and sourcing team’s productivity, speed, and takes your sales process from days to minutes.

Yes, we also have a legacy “bid system” when a curated option is not available in real-time.

Supplier Focus Points – Even before COVID-19, we had come to the realization that corporate housing providers needed to work together to compete with our new competitors with seemingly unlimited VC capital funding behind them.  The pandemic accelerated this timeline, and now is the time to build stronger partnerships to disrupt our industry and not let outsiders do it for us.

  • We must work together to become a more efficient industry. There are times when sharing apartment inventory is in the best interest of all parties in a transaction. As an industry, we’re losing over 500M dollars to vacancy loss annually.
  • Before ReloShare, there was no standardized technology offering for corporate housing companies to utilize. From aging Property Management Systems to keeping excel spreadsheets of inventory, there is no proper inventory management or sales system. You can now manage your inventory on ReloShare and allow your clients to book apartments instantly. If you’re having trouble fulfilling your clients’ exact needs, you can source ReloShare partners’ live inventory and book directly. ReloShare builds in technology to manage down days, vacancy, pricing parameters, rate cards for specific client companies, and proration.
  • Utilizing offer sheets, you can present clients with your housing options and your authorized partners’ options. Our streamlined process for offering options is a great way to send all available options to your client in less than 30 seconds.
  • By participating in the ReloShare ecosystem, any local or regional provider can become a national supplier in the eyes of the clients in seconds.

Client Focus Points – Currently, the process to book a corporate apartment is a long and cumbersome process with various sourcing tools required. It does not provide an option for “instant gratification” that today’s world demands. Additionally, the layering and manual processes result in a needlessly inflated end-user rental rate due to each transaction’s unnecessary human cost. Clients desire a true temporary housing platform for provider consolidation and something that is user friendly. They want a tool that will allow them and their customers to book an apartment in a short amount of time instantly. The customer wants to view available inventory with actual photos of furnished apartments and book on the spot. The corporate housing industry is dying for a dedicated “platform” that runs similar to an “Airbnb” or “VRBO,” but with a duty of care to the consumer for obtaining a professionally set up corporate apartment.

In Summary – Now is the time we come together as an industry and transform the way we do business. Let’s become the leaders that our clients want and the makers of our destiny. If we don’t, someone else will, and they most assuredly won’t take us along for the ride.

Matt Was, Director of Strategic Partnerships, commented, “We are thrilled to introduce this technology to the corporate housing world.  ReloShare was built to revolutionize our industry and give clients exactly what they have been asking for with instant booking, self-service, and inventory consolidation.  Our expansion will ultimately lead to more productivity and overall industry growth.”

John Moats, Director of Technology, commented, “ReloShare was designed from the ground up for corporate housing. We used our first-hand industry knowledge to create a tool that speeds up the booking process, is easy to use, and saves countless hours.”

Matt Singley, CEO of ReloShare, adds, “I am BEYOND excited to introduce this revolutionary implementation of technology to the CHPA members that we have worked so well with over the years. I truly believe this technology can make all of us more efficient and more profitable. We all work so hard every single day for our clients, and we all deserve a bigger piece of the pie.”

About ReloShare:
ReloShare is the first real-time booking and sourcing marketplace built by corporate housing for corporate housing currently serving North America. Founded by Matt Singley and John Moats in 2020 and built on the tech and experience backbone of years of corporate housing operations and sales, we aim to revolutionize how we do business as an industry. For more information, please visit or email  Social media – Facebook and LinkedIn.