Introducing the EcoGrade Sustainability Programme: Showcasing Apartment Suppliers' Commitment to Sustainability

Published on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2023 by George Galpin

Introducing the EcoGrade Sustainability Programme: Discover and Promote the Sustainability of Your Serviced Apartment

Lead the Way in Eco-Friendly Initiatives for the Accommodation Industry

As a responsible global player, is committed to taking meaningful steps towards a more sustainable future. In line with their dedication to eco-friendly practices, proudly introduce the EcoGrade Sustainability Programme, an initiative that allows apartment suppliers to show off the sustainability ratings for their apartments.

Understanding Environmental Impact, One Stay at a Time

EcoGrade is a groundbreaking system that quantifies the sustainability of your stay in a serviced apartment. Regardless of geographical location, power sources or weather conditions, the star ratings translate intricate carbon calculations into straightforward decisions. By harnessing advanced data processing techniques and the world’s finest data sources, EcoGrade transform complexity into clarity for our users.

Data-Backed Transparency

EcoGrade’s accuracy rests on the foundation of accurate reporting across various sustainability categories for multiple regions. The revolutionary tool tackles the challenge of sourcing reliable data on buildings, energy suppliers and transport systems, ensuring that the numbers EcoGrade present are factual, not fictional—something our competitors often overlook.

Why Join the EcoGrade Sustainability Programme?

The Sustainability Programme utilizes EcoGrade, which offers automatic scores for apartment listings using vetted, government-approved data sources. The Sustainability Programme invites apartment suppliers to update and fine-tune the information used for their properties, thereby ensuring precision and relevance.

EcoGrade has received recognition at the Business Travel Awards Europe 2023, winning the Achievement in Sustainability for Accommodation Providers. “The judges commended this provider for developing a tool that utilizes artificial intelligence and measures energy efficiency, energy consumption, green energy suppliers and green transportation to provide an overall score for each unit, allowing customers to make carbon-conscious decisions at the time of booking” (BTN Europe, 2023)

The outcome? A Verified EcoGrade Score for each certified listing, showcasing the apartment suppliers’ commitment to a more sustainable world.

By joining the EcoGrade Sustainability Programme, not only do apartment suppliers to a greener future but also secure a competitive advantage in the market. By having the sustainability rating for each property visible, larger corporate clients who have to meet their own environmental goals will be encouraged to book these apartments. Guests, from corporate travelers to families alike, will also take into consideration the sustainability rating.

As the landscape of corporate responsibility evolves, aligning with environmentally transparency is becoming an essential driver of success.

Complete Guidelines for Improving Your Apartment’s Sustainability Rating

Once certified, the EcoGrade tool provides you with a personalized and thorough set of instructions to help boost the sustainability rating of your property. This not only raises your EcoGrade score, but also lessens the environmental impact of your property, ultimately leading to cost savings for you.

Seamless Path to Certification

1. Enrollment: Suppliers can seamlessly join the Sustainability Programme at no cost.

2. Enhancement: Suppliers are encouraged to provide accurate, up-to-date data on their properties, including precise addresses, current Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), and evidence of sustainability improvements.

3. Certification: Once information accuracy is verified, suppliers attain certification. The certified member badge proudly reflects your participation, with an optional badge displaying your overall EcoGrade score, derived from an average across your listings.

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