Los Angeles Short Term Housing Policy

In 2019, local issues presented a difficult legislative environment for corporate housing interests in Los Angeles. The general housing crisis, the sharing economy, and negative publicity created a perfect storm of opposition to the industry last year. Marathon Communications hosted a “Providers Summit” to better understand the needs and focuses of CHPA members. We learned that the preservation of the core CHPA industry, stays of 30+ days, was of the utmost importance to providers. We also learned that the operation of corporate housing in older buildings, those that generally require evictions of current tenants, was a low priority to providers.

Key concerns include a proposed “Interim Control Ordinance” to ban corporate housing in older-stock buildings and to study additional regulations on the corporate housing industry citywide, general opposition to corporate housing amongst a select group of elected officials and unintended consequences of legislative proposals aimed at addressing the housing crisis and the sharing economy. 2020 will see additional threats to corporate housing’s core industry. While CHPA successfully tempered the focus of the motion to curtail negative impact on corporate housing, legislation continues to work its way through City Hall to limit corporate housing.  

Marathon Communications developed an educational and influence campaign within City Hall, targeting key Councilmembers and their staffs. In 2020, CHPA and Marathon Communications will:

  • Continue educational and influence campaign to combat proposed detrimental regulations.
  • Organize providers and supporters and amplify their voices with decision-makers.
  • Tell corporate housing’s story through the generation of positive press coverage.
  • Continue to monitor legislative proposals.
  • Lead public affairs pursuits to build a coalition of support amongst providers, clients, business groups, and industry allies.