Membership FAQs

Business is great. I have high occupancy rates.I don’t need the networking, education, or information for that price. Don’t see much benefit in joining.

  • You’re already a successful corporate housing professional and joining CHPA will help you enhance your business.
  • CHPA is the only organization dedicated exclusively to the needs of the corporate housing industry. Association involvement gains you information relevant to corporate housing specifically and objectively.
  • Industry leaders are actively involved and invested in CHPA. When they have an announcement, spot a trend, or want to share ideas, they do so with their CHPA colleagues first. Leaders in the corporate housing industry are accessible to CHPA members and share information freely. They value CHPA and their connections here and continue to stay actively involved. The Annual Conference is your opportunity to meet these leaders and ‘pick their brains’ at no risk to you or your business. You’re missing these valuable opportunities now as a non-member.
  • During challenging industry times –aftermath of natural disasters, economic down turns – the networking and relationships members developed before these issues helped them find new ways to partner, improve occupancy and further reduce costs. CHPA members referred business to each other to help ‘weather the storm.’ 
  • CHPA keeps members informed on the leading trends of the industry. Where do you get your information now? Are you sure it’s directly relevant to corporate housing or are you making due with ‘related’ data.
  • As the economy, business, etc. changes so quickly now, you need access to faster and better info. The industry is ever-evolving and you need to stay informed to stay profitable. CHPA helps you do that through their members-only newsletter, regional conferences, annual meeting and website.

I’m not interested in growing my business. 

  • Do you think you have room to be more efficient? Do you think you can be more profitable? We can show you how.
  • At CHPA, the major players in the industry share their tricks of the trade and offer solutions and new ideas.
  • Innovate & Interact Sessions – on key sales and operational topics where providers shared information and CHPA published the results. Providers learning from other providers – and saving money and time.
  • Conference educational sessions, online discussion board, webinars and monthly articles all offer other perspectives on how to better run your business.

I can call up other providers I know and get information on how the market is doing, etc., for free. Why do I need the Industry Survey or the new monthly data system?

  • The networking – both national and local – is critical for you and your business. You grow relationships within CHPA, not just access other providers in your home market when needed.
  • With the annual Industry Report, you get up to date, statistically valid information without having to “fish” for information from your competitors.   This data is part of an ongoing focus of CHPA, compiling data on the industry.
  • True, you can participate in the annual Industry Survey as a non-member and receive the report. If you want this information via the online data system, you need to join as it is available to members only.
  • How do you know that your competitors are giving you honest information? Both of these reporting mechanisms gives you a true comparison on a local and national basis on how your business compares and competes….and it’s all confidential. 

Dues not worth the investment.

  • Consider the CHPA membership investment as a percentage of your total revenue or as a percentage of your marketing and sales fees. It is a small amount to pay for so much value and access to the leaders in the industry.
  • We’re a young Association and your voice is important. Be part of the organization on the cutting edge of the industry and help it grow with your input and contribution. Don’t just sit on the sidelines. 
  • CHPA connects you with others that understand what you do, do what you do and can help you do it better. No one will confuse you with an extended stay hotel in CHPA. As one member described it,

    “To have found people from all over the United States to share our mutual problems, concerns and ideas have been enormously helpful. I started my corporate housing company 24 years ago and I am always learning new ways and ideas through CHPA. We have partnered with and made friendships with many of the CHPA members. I remember my very first reaction to CHPA during my first convention, I said to myself, ‘Wow, I’m not alone.’ ”

  • Look at every major trade organization, NAA, ERC, NBTA, etc. and see who belongs. The leaders in each of these respective industries are involved in their professional organization. These organizations have been around for decades, and have thousands of members, both large and small. Their members see the value brought to them by collective thinking/mentoring/sharing etc. That’s what CHPA does for corporate housing professionals.